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On the surface, most of the movies in this list, whether they be child's play or straight up horror seem straight forward enough. However, for a minority of the population suffering from niche phobias, such as heliophobia, fear of the sun, or bibliophobia, the fear of books, there lies a much darker and sinister meaning.

Here's a list of 11 uncommon real-life phobias that have the potential to turn movies like Tangled into a thing of nightmares...

1. Ablutophobia

Meaning: Fear of taking a bath, or shower, or cleaning yourself

Don't watch: Psycho

You'll want to clean yourself even less if every time you step in the shower you've got images of a dagger wielding Norman Bates in drag creepin' into your mind.

2. Somniphobia

Meaning: Fear of falling asleep

Don't Watch: Nightmare on Elm Street

If it's stressful enough just trying to get to sleep in the first place, picturing this bloody geyser erupting from the center of your bed certainly won't help matters.

3. Heliophobia

Meaning: Fear of the sun

Don't Watch: The Others

Watching Nicole Kidman as she freaks every time a curtain is opened in the The Others is disturbing enough and then discovering everyone is already dead? Icing on that freaky ass cake.

4. Chaetophobia

Meaning: Fear of hair. Whether that means the hair is attached or lose, depends on the person.

Don't Watch: Tangled

So. Much. Hair.

5. Haphephobia

Meaning: Fear of being touched

Don't Watch: Nymphomaniac

Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac (Vol. 1&2) does what it says on the tin. Feel-phobics be warned, these movies are essentially a 4.5 hour relentless bangfest.

6. Oikophobia

Meaning: Fear of household appliances

Don't Watch: Requiem for a Dream

Mother gets addicted to diet pills and starts viewing the fridge as a sentient being. Creepy AF, to be honest.

7. Neophobia

Meaning: Fear of the new, unwilling to part with the old

Don't Watch: Confessions of a Shopaholic

The tragic tale of someone addicted to buying new stuff. Real edge of your seat stuff.

8. Chronophobia

Meaning: Fear of time passing

Don't Watch: Back to the Future

Marty McFly gets sent via time machine 30 years into the past. In Back to the Future II, he does it again. The films are pretty good indication that time does pass, and it's pretty stressful.

9. Bibliophobia

Meaning: Fear of books

Don't Watch: Harry Potter

"Hasn' anyone bin able ter open their books? Yeh've got to stroke 'em."

Stroke a biting book? No thanks, Hagrid.

10. Cacophobia

Meaning: Fear of ugly people

Don't Watch: Phantom of the Opera

A noseless, lipless, sunken-eyed phantom is hiding in an opera house and kidnapping women. I mean, you do feel a bit sorry for the guy but it doesn't stop him being pretty creepy.

11. Dendrophobia

Meaning: Fear of trees

Don't Watch: Evil Dead

There's a tree rape scene. Enough said.

Source: List25, Paste Magazine


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