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The 2002 film, Treasure Planet, is a Disney animated movie that is a remake of the classic movie Treasure Island, but with a twist of being in space! How awesome is that? Do you know what would be better, though? That's right! A live action version of Treasure Planet! So, let's take a look at who could bring these characters to life!

Dylan O'Brien as Jim Hawkins

Dylan O'Brien is quickly becoming Hollywood's golden boy, and rightfully so! He's a great actor with a variety of genres under his belt such as action, sci-fi, comedy, drama, romance, you name it! O'Brien got his start of Teen Wolf, but since then, he's been in The Internship, The First Time, High Road, and most recently The Maze Runner series. He is great at playing the snarky, adventurous, fun-loving teenager that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. So, I'd absolutely love to see him in this role!

Hayley Atwell as Captain Amelia

British actress, Hayley Atwell, is by far, the best choice for this role. She's fantastic when it comes to playing the strong, confident, tough, take charge kind of woman. She has proved this time and time again in her role of Marvel's Peggy Carter! It'd be great to see her display these characteristics yet again, but in another character!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Mr. Arrow

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is the obvious choice for this role. Think about it, he's big, he's strong, and he'd do anything to protect the people he cares about. Johnson is good at playing the strong, silent type, which is perfect for this role!

Although, Mr. Arrow dies pretty early on in the film, it'd be great to see The Rock mixed in with all of these great actors and actresses!

Marisa Tomei as Sarah Hawkins

Let's be honest, Marisa Tomei is one of the best movie moms ever! She's proved that multiples times! Just watch Parental Guidance and you'll see what I'm talking about! Most recently she was cast as Aunt May in Marvel's upcoming Spider-man reboot, but, some other great films that she's been in are, The Wrestler, Crazy, Stupid, Love., The Lincoln Lawyer, Cyrus, and so much more! This movie just wouldn't be complete without her!

Simon Pegg as Doctor Doppler

Simon Pegg is an everyday nerd, that just happens to look like everyone's high school science teacher, and that is just what we need for Dr. Delbert Doppler! Pegg has been in so many comedy movies that it is funny! From Shaun of the Dead to Star Trek, Simon Pegg has constantly blown us away! It'd be amazing to see him as the genius scientist who get's the girl!

Will Forte as the voice of B.E.N.

Mr. Will Forte is your friendly neighborhood weirdo! He's loud, crazy, funny... He's everything that B.E.N. is! If you'd like an example at how awkward and crazy Forte can be, go watch him in How I Met Your Mother and The Last Man On Earth! He is a phenomenal actor who I'd love to be a part of this cast!

Ian McShane as Mr. Silver

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Ian McShane as Mr. Silver! McShane played Black Beard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides back in 2011 and he was fantastic! If he brought that personality to this character, it'd feel just like the first time I watched this movie! Ian McShane is an amazing actor that most definitely could round out this cast, in the best way possible!

Well, everyone, that's all I have for this fan casting!

Who would you like to see in a live action Treasure Planet? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!

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