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Oh Poor Fantastic Four, thanks to Fox's horrible movies, people seem to lose interest in them, even though some people call the team 'cheesy' i think if Marvel get's the rights back, we cans see numerous Fantastic Four movies, that are decent. I grew up on FF, i love the team, they have a part in my childhood, although not a big one like Batman or Spiderman.

Fox is just shitting the world now, why would they keep the rights, if they do not make money of it, what's the point? They have an amazing strike of X-Men movies, so why keep FF? A collosal dick move. But as a fan i would like to give my fan-cast, if that day comes, and FF are saved by Marvel.

Reed Richards- Andrew Lincoln

Yeah, Yeah, Andrew is busy with The Walking Dead, while i am a fan of TWD, the show needs to end, so Andy can get some major roles, he is stuck with, excuse me, mediocre show, and if he gets this, imagine where his carrer can go from there, imagine!

Sue Storm- Rachel McAdams

Yeah, i get it, Rachel's in Doctor Strange, but her role is small and weird (Night Nurse, really?) and she should have been considered for other roles, much more important, like Sue Storm, or hell, even Captain Marvel (But i vote Emily Blunt for that one) She's the perfect choice and the perfect Sue Storm

Johnny Storm (Human Torch )- Charlie Hunnam

He screams a rebel to me, and he would be a good choice, based on his performance on Sons Of Anarchy. He could rather play Ghost Rider, that would be nice. And for the record Michael B. Jordan could have been an awesome Johnny Storm, if they hadn't fucked it up.

The Thing- Karl Urban

Oh, Karl Urban, you might remember him from Star Trek, but you should be remembering him from the underrated and amazing 2012 Dredd film, he's an amazing actor, his voice mesmerizing, and i did a lot of research before i found who would fit The Thing better, he's really hard to cast (That's why the latest version of The Thing happened, which was awful) but Karl will reinvent The Thing, i'm sure.


Fuck Fox, give FF back to Marvel, and stop this annoying bullshit, alright Fox? And i have to say, this article took a long time, and since where i am it's Friday today, i'm gonna go and throw my ass on to bed, BYE BYE.

And one last thing, this is The Fantastic Four:

Not this, whatever the fuck this was:


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