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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

So much for J.J. Abrams claim that the last trailer that we got for Star Wars: The Force Awakens being the last. The international trailer has been released and my god is it amazing. If you haven't bothered to check it out yet, you can watch it here:

Wow! That was intense! This trailer really brings you back to the 70s and 80s with that classic Star Wars feel. This is the most revealing trailer that we have seen to date and it may have confirmed a few of our fan theories!

Rey and Kylo Ren are really Han and Leia's kids?

This is a theory that I have speculated on for quite some time and I think this trailer may haver all but confirmed this. In the comics, Han and Leia have two children that they send away to other planets after attempts to kidnap them on multiple occasions. We know that Rey has been alone for quite some time but the trailer revealed some interesting information.

It starts with Rey stumbling upon the lovable droid BB-8 who seems to have fallen from Poe Dameron's ship. She begins to talk to BB-8 and says she "Knows all about waiting, for my family". Is she talking about Han and Leia? If she was sent away for her protection, she obviously has been waiting for the day to be reunited with her family. We know that Han ends up on the planet that Rey has inhabited and they seem to know each other pretty well!

Kylo Ren wants to fulfill his and Darth Vader's Legacy!

In the last trailer we heard Kylo Ren speaking to Darth Vader's helmet and saying he will finish what he started we got one more sentence that may have just revealed he is the son of Han and Leia. "I will fulfill our destiny", does that mean that he will fulfill the destiny of his Grand-Father Anakin Skywalker? I think it definitely seems that way! I think we should be ready for something similar to the comics.

Do the Stormtroopers raid Rey's village in search of Finn?

We all know that Finn as a deserter. He leaves the Empire as a stormtrooper and stumbles upon Rey and will join the Rebel alliance.

BB-8 senses that the New Order is one their way and you can see Tie Fighters swooping down from the sky. This is a similar plot to the original Star Wars where the Empire goes to Luke's home planet in search of R2-D2 and C-3PO and destroys the entire village. I think Finn will be the reason the New Order shows up, the trailer definitely hinted at that.

Did they reveal the death of THIS character?

So we have all heard the theory that the always lovable Chewbacca will be meeting his demise in The Force Awakens. In trailer 3, Rey is seen crying next to the a hairy dead body and many have though that it was chewy. Well turns out that may have some truth to it after all.

In the trailer, Chewy has a detonator in his hand that he uses to blow up what looks like a ship. Is it possible that he sacrificed himself to save the rest form the New Order. I really hope this isn't true, I thought Jon Snow was bad, I can't imagine Chewy...

Still no Luke!

It seems like a trend but we still haven't gotten and looks at Luke aside from the short moment where he places his hand on R2. We can only assume that he is on the run from the New Order and Kylo Ren. Luke is the reason the Darth Vader died in Return of The Jedi so Kylo may be after him to get some revenge.

This trailer was AMAZING!

Nobody expect to get much more info before The Force Awaken's release but we did and it was outstanding! Chills ran through my body the entire way through and it is great to see that some of our fan theories may be coming true!

I was truly "awakened" and my excitement is really being "forced" over the limit! I can't wait!


What was your biggest takeaway from the Trailer?


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