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Okay, Not gonna lie, Jessica Jones looks spectacular, even as a guy who hasn't read much of the comic it's based on, i spot a good thing when i see it, and this is an awesome thing, Jessica Jones can be better that Daredevil (A lot of people probably agree with me) Let's set the record straight, Daredevil is phenomenal, and Jessica Jones will be also.


So are you excited about Jessica Jones? You think it will top Daredevil?

The minute the trailer was released, i quickly went and checked it out, i couldn't believe my eyes, it was better than i predicted.

So, let's countdown 5 moments that will define the show and prove it's better than Supergirl (No offense) and one of the best shows on Netflix.

#5: Jessica Takes A Trip To Luke Gage's Sweet Bar

So, Jessica enters the bar, sits and then has, like, a conversation with Luke, telling him about her job and everything, i sense they will be good pals (really, really good pals)


Thought David Tennant is scary as it is, think AGAIN!

#3: "Let Me In, Please? "No" "Bitch, Mind Control" "Of Course, Come In And Let's Get You Some Tea!"

Killgrave FTW, am i right? No?

#4 Police Mexican Showdown

#5: Killgrave And His Victims:

Not So Purple and fun, huh?

I know i will and i can't F-ing Wait!!! And That Iron Fist Tv Series!


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