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Jason Hornack

My name is Jason Hornack. I am a writer, producer (Chilling Tales For Dark Nights), and director of horror content. I recently created a YouTube channel called Jason's Nightmares. Its goal is to bring classic horror storytelling to original and modern concepts. She's a Doll is the first episode.

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My passion

Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with horror films. The horror genre has an honesty about it that is unique and the stories have such a large scope of possibilities. Over the years I think that original concepts and storytelling have taken a back seat to trends and copycat films.

She's a Doll film
She's a Doll film

I want to bring the plot back to horror. To create truly entertaining stories that keep your attention all the way through and make you feel something. I always enjoyed shows like The Twilight Zone and the way they could pull you in and make you care about what was going to happen next in such a short period of time. I also love good plot twists and feel a little empty by the end of films lacking them.

Making magic happen on a small budget

The first episode, She's a Doll was made on a very small budget and most of the shoot was completed in a fast-paced, twelve-hour day. Fortunately for me, my good friend and Jason's Nightmares partner, Joseph Von Frechen (Flush Films), brought an amazing crew of very talented people to the film. Everyone involved was completely passionate about what they were doing on set.

She's a Doll film
She's a Doll film

We did have some setbacks along the way. Brutal, 110 degree Arizona heat with a failing A/C unit being one of them. An actor's wife going into labor the day of the shoot, placing me in a last minute acting role, being another. We were still able to power through it and everything came together. To cut costs I also edited, color corrected, and created the music and sounds of the film.

My plan

My plan is to create a following of people who are hungry to see fresh, new stories as much as I am. As the channel grows we will be able to gradually grow the budget of each film and make them better and better. There are already several great stories being developed for the future.

I am currently seeking financing from production companies to turn the concept of the channel into a TV series. That is the ultimate goal for the Jason's Nightmares channel.

Please feel free to contact Jason Hornack: [email protected]


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