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Collins Vincent

Jason Statham may have time to catch his breath in real life, but when he's behind the camera he's in attack mode and ready to deliver his one-liners with the signature deadpan-style he is known for. Statham is set to star in a new action-thriller that will set in Hong Kong and he'll be accompanied by a partner that has yet to be announced, but will probably be played by a female actress that has yet to be cast. Kurt wimmer, the mind behind films such as Salt and Equilibrium, will be writing the screenplay.

Here's the basic plot:

The film will see Statham as an ex-pat Brit living in Hong Kong, who winds up going on the run with a high-level Chinese intelligence agent in order to solve a kidnapping that has potentially global implications.

The film itself might not catch your eye based on the setting alone, but Jason Statham's involvement guarantees that there will be an audience to watch the final product. In the past few years, Statham has become one Hollywood's premiere action stars and one of Britain's many gifts to the industry. You can't help but be interested in a Jason Statham project because you never know how it will try to up the ante in terms of action and story. There aren't alot of other details to go off of so you're gonna have to wait for more as they become available. In the meantime, you can next catch Statham in The Mechanic: Resurrection, the sequel to the 2011 film.


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