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There are particular moments that I come by during my day-to-day life when I get a feeling that combines both the sense of dread with deja vu... and this is all thanks to the Final Destination movies. I know we all remember Final Destination from the early millennium. There were 5 of them in total and if you're anything like me, they have certainly left their mark. Below is a list of the top 5 moments from the Final Destination movies that have scarred you for life.

5. The Tanning Bed

This scene pops into my head every single time I find myself hopping into a tanning bed for a quick bronze. One time, the same exact song used in the tanning death scene started playing in my tanning bed. I was outta there quicker than you can say "fake n' bake."

4. The Elevator

Using an elevator is a common, and sometimes unavoidable, occurrence. We all know that the doors won't close if someone sticks their hand out, but this scene reminds us what might happen if they did.

3. The Roller Coaster

This is another scene that has always stuck with me. Perhaps it delves into my deep fear of roller coasters, but could you imagine being propelled from a speeding roller coaster?!? Better buckle up!

2. The Airplane

Airplanes are already nerve-wracking enough - I didn't need this scene to make it any worse!

1. The Log Truck

This needs no further explanation. You see these on the highway all the time and you REFUSE to drive behind them because of this scene!


What is your favorite Final Destination moment?


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