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Weirdmageddon has officially descended upon Gravity Falls! Although we won't have any more episodes until late November, there's still plenty of theories to keep us occupied until then. So far, we know that Weirdmageddon has only just begun: this plot arc will last multiple episodes and probably carry us through until the end of the season, as revealed by Alex Hirsch...

"This is one giant, epic, multi-part story. The stakes are going to be higher, the situations are going to be stranger, the magic is going to be bigger, and we will see every character again in some fashion having to deal with this completely unusual situation. You’ve never seen anything like this before."

Gravity Falls has really pulled out the stops with this story, so there's no doubt that we'll see plenty of weird and wonderful (and probably nightmare inducing) things before season 2 ends. S02E19, Escape From Reality, will see Dipper, Wendy, and Soos try and rescue Mabel from her prison bubble... but just why has Bill Cipher got her trapped?

Mabel's Trying To Escape

So there's this excellent theory making the rounds that Mabel is actually powering Weirdmageddon with the strength of her imagination, meaning she's literally the key to Bill's plans... and rescuing her might have cataclysmic consequences. I mean, it's pretty obvious that Mabel would give Bill no end of trouble...

This seems to be proved by the fact that Bill put chains around Mabel's bubble, maybe not to keep others out but to keep her in. And there seems to be some evidence that she's already making progress in breaking out of her prison! When we first see Mabel's bubble it's completely smooth, but later in the episode the cracks are beginning to show... literally!

Mabel's breaking out
Mabel's breaking out

In all of the shots of Mabel, the pink glow is coming from her, not the bubble. Of course this could just be a coincidence, but it's worth pointing out that the colour of the weirdness waves is also the same pink as Mabel's glow... so could the waves actually be powered by Mabel's imagination?

There's also the fact that Mabel is referred to by Bill and his gang by her first name, rather than the title Shooting Star which Bill gave her. Some fans have taken this as proof that Mabel is actually seen as a threat to Bill, and that's why while Bill told his lackeys they could eat Dipper, Mabel is safely imprisoned for everyone to see. It's definitely possible that one of the conditions of the deal Mabel and Bill made is that both of them have to get their wish fulfilled: Mabel gets her eternal childhood, and Bill gets his terrifying party at the expense of our dimension.

But What Happens If Mabel DOES Escape?

So what would this mean for breaking Mabel out from her prison? It could have fatal consequences, for both Bill and Mabel... and maybe the universe itself! Remember what Time Baby said..

"Here this Cipher! If your rip in this dimension continues, it could destroy the very fabric of existence!"

It's clear that if the Rift continues to grow, the entire universe could collapse.

The Rift above Gravity Falls
The Rift above Gravity Falls

So if Bill's control over Gravity Falls, and the Rift itself, relies on Mabel staying confined, releasing her could do one of two things.

  • It could cause Bill Cipher to lose all his power in our dimension and the Rift to heal itself.
  • It could cause the deal between the two to collapse, along with the Rift, and the rest of the universe.

Considering there are a few episodes left in season 2, it's likely that reality won't collapse in S02E19. Though the episode is called Escape From Reality... I guess we'll just have to wait and see to find out, but one thing's for certain: Mabel is of crucial importance to our dimension's survival!

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