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One of Hollywood's most astonishing actresses turned 27 years old Friday. Emma Stone is known for her roles in critically acclaimed films like The Help, Birdman, and Easy A. But before her breakout roles and her well deserved Oscar nomination she had a few smaller roles that led to her quick rise to fame.

Emma Stone at the 2015 Oscars
Emma Stone at the 2015 Oscars

Going back to 2005, Stone acted in several kids shows before making her way to the grown up films we've grown to recognize her for. You may be surprised to know that she had a run in with one of Disney channel's most successful shows, and even had a role in a psychic crime drama in the mid-2000's.

Here is a list of Emma's earlier roles that you may be shocked to see!

The New Partridge Family (2005)

In 2005, Emma Stone was looking for her big break. So she decided to join the reality show In Search of The Partridge Family, a competition based show where contestants fought for a role in the updated version of the classic Partridge Family television series. In the clip above, Emma sang the song 'Bitch' under the name Emily Stone at the tender age of 16. Although the raunchy performance didn't earn her a role on the show, it is now classic Emma Stone memorabilia.

Medium (2005)

Stone was a busy girl in 2005, at one moment she was trying out for a family show, and at the next moment she was portraying a sexually abused daughter in the crime drama Medium. In the racy scene above we see a glimpse of her character's past, alongside Patricia Arquette in a role that displayed her acting chops. It's roles like this one that defines Stone as an actress. Although a sweetheart in real life, she's not afraid to dive into the unstable mind of the characters she's portrayed, and this is what makes us love her.

Superbad (2007)

We all remember Emma in this teen comedy. This is when audiences realized that Emma could be just as funny as she could be dramatic. This was definitely a prerequisite role for Emma that led to her starring in films like Easy A and Zombieland. It also led to her making comedic appearances in movies like Movie 43 and getting girl next door type roles in films like the two Amazing Spiderman films.

Stone is excellent at making us laugh, making us fall in love and intimidating us all at the same time. Not many actresses can do this as convincingly as Stone can.

Stone's versatility is what makes her one of the most likeable young actresses in all of Hollywood. We can't wait to see what roles she tries next to add to her already illustrious career.

Happy Birthday Emma Stone!!


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