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The first trailer for Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie has made it's way online and gives us a surprising amount of story considering the film is still 8 months away.

Warcraft is a film I've been very hesitant about for a long time. I think Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) was a very good choice to direct, the cast is quite fantastic, but every bit of footage I've seen so far hasn't impressed me and unfortunately this full trailer hasn't changed my opinion drastically.

The Warcraft film centers on the war between the Orc Horde and The Human Alliance and how a pack of Orcs join forces with The Alliance to save their world. It's a pretty standard story, nothing to extreme for the first feature set in this world so it's not that which has disappointed me. It's the visuals. Warcraft is obviously going to be packed with CGI, there's no way around it, but a lot of it does look quite lackluster especially in the Orc focused scenes. At no point during the trailer did the visuals blow me away like I imagined they would have. There is plenty of time for these visuals to be improved upon but at the minute, I'm not very impressed.

The movie certainly does look fun, the scale looks grand and the action looks exciting, it's just the visual element to the film which has let me down slightly, I was hoping for a much more practical look. Now of course, I am watching this on a laptop and I am sure the experience will be much bigger up on the big screen. But for someone who has never been a big fan of the Warcraft games, this trailer for the feature hasn't made me any more or less excited for the film.

Speaking just about the trailer though, it's well put together, I think it gave us enough story and it looks like a good adaptation of the Warcraft games.

Video game to movie adaptations have a reputation of being quite bad with films such as Tomb Raider being the best in the genre. Can Warcraft be the movie that changes this trend? I certainly hope so! There's enough talent behind and in front of the camera for this to be a solid film. Lets not forget next year we also have the Assassin's Creed film to look forward to so there are more than enough chances for this trend to come to an end.

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