ByDiana Montano, writer at
Diana Montano

This is the 1st time I have ever commented on anything regarding TWD or anything else for that matter. I have been watching TWD since the 1st episode. I have to give the writers a true heads up. They have made us all care about the characters in this show and anytime you spend 6yrs watching something you become attached to these people portrayed in the show. I have never been affected by a show as I was by the episode were Glenn appears to be attacked by the walkers. I did not even realize both my hands were covering my mouth and tears running down my face. I kinda felt stupid at first but realized TWD writers achieved what they had intended. Like everyone else I too have re-watched the episode trying to figure out is Glenn dead. After close examination I feel Glenn lives or at least long enough to say good-bye . The chest the walkers are tearing apart is grey. Nicholas was wearing grey... Glenn was wearing more of a light brown. Nicholas fell across Glenn's chest leaving his legs exposed. There leaving the writers a way to save Glenn or kill Glenn. I guess we will not know what the writers have in store for us until it is time.... thank you letting me share..... Diana Montano


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