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As an avid World of Warcraft fan and player, despite current CGI issues, I felt chills watching the first Warcraft trailer. There's something to be said about a game like WoW stealing your soul and though it's been a year since I last played, I still feel the itch to play it. I still have that incessant need to delve back into that immersive world and explore every inch of it again. Now, with the drop of this trailer, it's evolved into a new love. I need to see this movie.

Even if you haven't played the games, the trailer still has a lot to offer to fans and newcomers alike. It almost had a Lord of the Rings feel, which is a good thing. Think about it, one of the things that made the Lord of the Rings is the immersive world and all the lore that went with it. There are many fans out there who never read the books but are obsessed with the movies. The Warcraft movie could do just that. Here's what you need to know based off of the trailer:

1. We're going to see different worlds collide

Stormwind, the human capital in Azeroth. Here we can see clearly King Llane Wrynn rallying troops.

I'm practically in tears not only with how beautiful this scene of the city looks but the accuracy in detail of it all in comparison to the game. Below, though shot from a different angle, you can see why gaming fans might squeal with joy.

And then there is the Outlands, once a part of the world, Draenor, from which the orcs are fleeing.

I squealed for joy at this scene. The Outlands was one of my favorite places to quest. Sometimes during my grind, I'd jus mess around or help with the PvP quests because secretly, I never wanted to leave. Though, like most "questers," eventually I had to move on. It's great to know that we're going to see a little bit of the Outlands in the movie. I wonder what else we might see while in the Outlands... Queue the fan theories!

2. A brotherhood that will make history

For the horde!

Yes, I had to. On the left we have Durotan of the Frostwolf clan and on the right with the big hammer, Ogrim. Fellow WoW players will know the significance of this pair but for non-players of the game, I'll have to leave it out unless you want spoilers.

"We must make our home here..."- Durotan

3. I spy with my little eye... a sequel in the making

Isn't he adorable?! Baby Thrall foreshadows what I assume the next line of movies will be about, the reforging of the Horde.

4. We're getting something we've never seen before, an unlikely alliance

You don't need to be a player of the game to know how touchy an alliance between humans and orcs could be. Here we see Durotan brokering for peace with the King and his military commander, Anduin Lothar.

5. There can be no peace between humans and orcs

Seconds after we see Durotan and the King meeting for peace, we are then lead to a string of violence between the races. Obviously, human's don't like giving up their land to "savage beasts". Here we see what looks like Durotan either rescuing or locking Ogrim up in a cage.

And it seems like the orcs got their name well. Below we see one scene where an orc is throwing a horse and another where it looks as if mere peasants are being held hostage in what looks like the same wooden cage. Is that possibly Anduin Lothar's horse?

6. Which all leads to Baby Thrall's "Moses moment"

And there he goes, down the river!

7. All in all, we're going to have a massive plot with excellent, action packed scenery.

This scene truly captures my particular playstyle within the game. I love the whole flying in, swords a blazin' tactic.

Based on this spectacular trailer, I have high hopes for this film, and it's potential. It seems they're sticking to World of Warcraft's lore. Which, shouldn't be too difficult for non-player moviegoers to catch on to. Within the trailer, you already get a good feel for the plot and turmoil between the two factions that anyone can identify with


Are you excited to see Warcraft on June 16th?


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