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I have no opening for this post but I am guessing this is it. As you can see the title is Life. People and objects in life are going to chuck everything they have at. I only learnt that today.

The first stages of life is simple:

1) You are born

2) You start to walk and talk

3) you start going to primary school or kindergarten. It's all fun and games. But once you finish primary school this where the competition. Ok year 7 your like "Oh my goodness we have exams in 3 weeks!" And you revise you butt off. Year 8 and 9 can't be bothered to revise and then when you get to year 10 this where stuff becomes more of a competition.

In life you will make enemies and friend and you will have highs and lows. There will be competition for everything as my science teacher once told a me and the class but I think I was the only one listening to what he was saying

"Everything in life is going to a competition . Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, going to college, having the best jobs everything!!"

This world is expecting too much from this generation of young people. No wonder young teenagers kills themselves because of the Internet, or school or at home with their families. Don't get me wrong the Internet and school is a good thing but it can have downside to both the Internet and school all. For example people can be stalked by strangers on the Internet and another example is that people can be bullied in school.

Your family is loving, caring and kind but they expect too much from like an A* in all your Exams to pass and to go to college and have the best job in the world.

I want you too think of any ideas why young people have way too much pressure today than in the olden days!


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