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Lori, Lori, Lori. The woman who never knew where her son was! The lady who pitted two best friends against one another, manipulating them both to make sure she always had a backup plan in place. The worst driver the apocalypse has ever seen.

There is admittedly a lot to hate about Lori. Even after she died, she couldn't stop herself from coming back and ruining things for Rick appearing as a ghost--and in a white dress, even! How unoriginal!

But recently, I decided to expand my The Walking Dead horizons and see if maybe, just maybe I could find a few moments where Lori wasn't either mind blowingly annoying or downright despicable. Amazingly, I found three of them. Here they are in no particular order.

1. When She Saved Herschel's Life.

When Hershel stopped breathing on that bed in the cell in Epx302 Sick, every fan held their breath, too. Even though he could have opened his eyes at any moment and taken off Lori's face, she bravely resuscitated him. Thanks to her, we got to enjoy Hershel's wisdom for many more episodes until the Governor went and ruined everything. Thanks a lot, Phil.

2. When She Tried to Give Beth Hope.

In Epx210, 18 Miles Out Lori tries to comfort Beth who is still reeling from seeing her mother and brother gunned down as they staggered out of the barn. Trying to reassure her, Lori said

I wish I could promise you it would be all right in the end. I can't, but we can make now all right.

It may have been the only time in the entire series of episodes she was in that managed to Lori say the right thing. She didn't lie and say everything would work out, but she told Beth that it was possible to make the moment okay, which is about the best that anyone can do in the world of TWD where death can come at any time. It showed Lori did have the ability to be honest and to empathize with people, even if she rarely seemed to make the choice to.

3. When She Sacrificed Herself for Judith.

It's hard to hate a woman when she selflessly makes the choice to save her baby. Lori's decision in "The Killer Within" was touching because she didn't hesitate at all to tell Maggie to save the baby. Her last words with Carl were tender. She did her best not to leave him with a feeling of guilt for doing what needed to be done. Overall, I think her most likable moments in the show were her final ones.

Okay, now that I've said nice things about Lori I feel all dirty...and that's saying something for a walker--dirty and rotten is kind of our thing!

Now, it's your turn to say the unthinkable! Share a time when you didn't hate Lori in the comments section.

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