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Robert Kegel

In the article from Chris Moor he talks about Morgan and with his new belief of not killing he could either go mad again or be killed off. I think there is a third option.

I think Morgan went mad initially because he was by himself, he didn't have anyone to ground him. Rick has gone a little mad (remember in the prison after Lori died)? The group can keep people in check (except Shane but he was in love with Lori and love can make people mad or keep them in check and since Lori went back to Rick he just lost it and couldn't come back).

My thought is if Morgan it to live they can even him out. Right now he doesn't believe in killing because he was with a pacifist (Eastman) for so long and he basically brainwashed him. The group just has to show him that killing is necessary to survive and that you don't have to go all homicide. Eastman was good for Morgan at the time, because he showed him you don't have to be crazy in this world, now the group just has to show him you do have to kill.

Can the group "fix" Morgan before he gets himself killed? that's the question. That's up to the writers of course. I'd like to see Morgan more in the show, his character is really interesting and they can do some cool things with him, but loved character has to die and I don't think Glenn is dead so it might be Moran (which between Glenn and Morgan I'd pick Glenn because he's one of the few moral characters on the show that hasn't lost himself).

So that's my thoughts on the show. If you have any others, or you think I'm wrong, let me know.


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