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I love comic books but I've always been way more of a Marvel fan to be honest. So when I originally heard about the Supergirl show that was in production I was more than skeptical. I was completely baffled and shocked that it made it to prime time! I was 100% convinced that it would tank right out of the gate and be cancelled immediately. Not because it's a female character but because she's a "sidekick" character, and I was bothered that with so many other comic book characters out there that we were, again, focusing on another member of the Superman family instead of someone more original.

Once I started to hear such positive things about the television show I scoffed. I thought it was completely ridiculous that this show was getting good press, I couldn't imagine it any way original. After several positive things online, a friend giving it a glowing review and finally Entertainment Weekly putting Supergirl in their bulls eye last week I decided to give it a chance, and I am very happy to say I enjoyed it! I was surprised that it had so much heart, and had very relatable and likable characters, and that it broke the superhero cliches right from the start.

After two episodes here are the things that made me fall in love with the show and hopefully they'll make you give it a chance if you haven't already!


No Discovering-Her-Powers Cliche

My favorite thing about the show is that Kara isn't just discovering her powers, she already knew they were there she just had no interest in becoming a hero! I feel like superhero origin stories have become tiresome. Especially where Supergirl has the same powers as her cousin, Superman, and we've already seen him several times in different forms of media learning to use his powers. It would have been repetitive to watch Supergirl learn to use the exact same powers. She's still learning the extent of her powers, but there's no bumbling as she accidentally laser-eyes a hole through a city block, or the migraine she gets because she can literally hear everything.

She Isn't Perfect

In the second episode Supergirl arrives at the docks to blow out a giant fire. Her super-breath wasn't enough to stop the fire so she decided to physically move the ship. What happened next I just loved! I felt like it really broke a consistent Superman plothole. The problem with Superman grabbing a plane out of midair is that gravity still plays a part, and if Superman, or Supergirl, are holding the tail of a plane wouldn't the sheet metal that holds the tail to the fuselage and the cabin break apart? That's exactly what happened in this episode and we saw the ship fracture and spill oil into the ocean. So not only did I feel it was more scientifically accurate, but Supergirl actually made the situation worse by sticking her nose in - AND she didn't have powers to fix the oil spill. She created a problem she couldn't fix! We don't want to see our heroes fail, but it's always a nice reminder that they're still not infallible, and Supergirl does a great job with that!

The Military's Involvement

If I'm being totally honest I was disappointed with Man of Steel. I couldn't find him relatable in any way. One of the things I did enjoy is the stance the military took on this alien that had come to Earth. I think it was one of the most realistic things about the film and Supergirl has the same concept.

One of my favorite parts about Flash is that he has a team behind him helping him out. It makes him a more relatable character because he can't do everything himself, and he isn't the only one with good ideas. With Supergirl forming a partnership with this government agency I think we'll start to get the same kind of group closeness!

Superman's Cameo

Yes the Man of Steel had a small cameo, but we didn't see his face. The show's opening showed both children leaving Krypton as it was about to be destroyed. Kara explained that her pod was lost in space for about twenty years, and she never aged. Once she got to Earth her cousin was an adult and already a world famous hero. He placed her with an adoptive family that he trusted and occasionally checked in.

The Superman we saw was a silhouette so as not to give away his face if they ever do decide to introduce the character. I personally hope that if they do that he's kept to a minimum. The show is called Supergirl and it would be crowded if Superman ever came in and it felt like he took over. He could easily be a mentor or even a father figure but Supergirl should never become a sidekick--any guest stars should play the sidekick role!

Well I hope I've convinced someone out there to give Supergirl a try. Don't get me wrong the show has only two episodes under its belt. Lots could still go wrong, but I think once it steadies its footing it'lll become as solid as Flash which is one of my favorite television shows at the moment! Hopefully Supergirl can follow in its footsteps!


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