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There are about Millions of us that strongly believe that Glenn is still alive after the episode "Thank You", we're Glenn was supposedly Tore apart and eaten by a mob of walkers, after Nicolas shot himself. There are speculations that he went in, or under the dumpster, Nicolas ran of bullets so it's a hallucination, and countless more but, I'm here to tell you my theory.

I still believe Glenn is alive, partially because he's my favorite character and I don't want him to be dead. The other reason that goes along with my threoy, is either the mid-season finale, or season finale the group is going to be stuck in the herd of Walkers and Glenn is going to save them all, being the badass character he is.

I think Glenn is alive because they never honored him on the Talking Dead afterwards which was a little, if not very suspicious. I mean come on they honor walkers deaths for crying out loud. And if I remember correctly he wasn't on the Talking Dead either. Usually the Talking Dead will have the characters that died in the episode on to honor them and send them off. That never happened. Once again a little suspicious.

Remember that note? I don't really remember the guy's name name but, it may have been Tobin. He got bit on his back and wrote a note and gave it to Michonne to give to his wife. Michonne didn't take the note because she said "you're going home" . When he died against the fence the note fell on the ground. Michonne never grabbed it and just left it there. My friend and I believe Maggie is going to find that note and keep hope that Glenn is still out there somewhere.

I also think that what Michonne wrote on her arm was a little bit of a foreshadow. "You're going home" could've been for Glenn. I know that's kind of a long stretch and it may sound dumb but, I hope it happens.

I also found it weird how they were relating back to the first season when Glenn saves Rick. Glenn called Rick a "dumbass" he also called him a dumbass in the episode "Thank You", Glenn and Rick we're in an Alley, Glenn supposedly died in an Alley, Rick was stuck in the tank with the heard of walkers around him, in the end of the episode "Thank You" he was in the RV with a herd of walkers beginning to crowd it. Glenn saved Rick in that first Episode so maybe they were relating back to the frist season so much because Glenn is going to have to save him again later in the season.

But, then again these are all threoy's not facts. We just have to hope and pray


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