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Chloe Moretz is set to play the main character in "The Little Mermaid" by the studios Working Title and Universal.

They haven't shared much information about the film yet, so I can't tell how mutch it will be based on the original story written by Mr. Hans Christian Andersen. The story, as we all know, follows a mermaid who wishes she could be a human, when she falls in love with a man who she saved from drowning.

Director Sofia Coppola, earlier this year, left the project due to creative differences with the studios, and since then the project doesn't have a date. Luckily the executives decided to hand the script to a writer, who they felt was the best and finest writer to tell this lovely story to the audience. Richard Curtis In fact, they just made it official, because they have the writer they we're looking for and i'm sure he will make a tremendous job, since it took so long to choose him.

The studios wanted Moretz for the role since Coppola was still in the project and some people say that Coppola acctually left because she didn't want Chloe Grace Moretz to play the main role.

After she left, the studios kept Chloe as their first choise.

Moretz is now filming “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” after just wraping with “Brain on Fire.” She can be seen in January in the movie “The Fifth Wave” and also in “November Criminals”.

It is unknown if the mermaids name will be Ariel, just like the Disney movie, since in the book she doens't have a name.


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