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In a surprising turn of events, I ended up getting my Lion Guard book today. I was excited and read it right away! It was a cute little book and made me more excited for November 22nd. Despite what you may think, I'm not just excited because of Kiara's return, but also because I've wanted a new Lion King for so long! Also we get great new characters as well. My favorite member of the guard has to be Bunga.

Naturally, I'll be discussing the Simba's Pride elements in the book, as this is a blog for news regarding Lion King 2.

First though, I'll give a small review and run down of the book:

The Lion Guard Return of the Roar has a great story that's a great edition to The Lion King's story. It gives us a look at what it's like for the second born royal cub and their role in The Circle of Life as The Lion Guard.

The book starts with Simba on Pride Rock with Kiara, telling her "Everything the light touches is part of our kingdom." However, their lesson gets interrupted by Kion and Bunga who are playing baobab ball. Simba tells them to quiet down, as he's trying to teach Kiara something important.

Bunga and Kion run off to play elsewhere, and Bunga leaps into The Outlands. Janja and two of his hyena goons, Cheezi and Chungu, surround him. Janja says Bunga will make a good meal. Kion roars the Roar of the Elders, scaring the hyenas off. Bunga asks Kion how he roared like that, but he doesn't know.

Meanwhile in The Pride Lands, Rafiki and Simba have heard his roar. Simba doesn't think Kion is ready since he's still a cub, but still tells him about his duty. The first animal Kion recruits is Bunga.

Excitedly, the little honey badger tells his uncles Timon and Pumbaa, not knowing Janja's majordomo, a vulture named Mzingo is listening.

Mzingo returns to the Outlands and tells Janja about the new Lion Guard. Janja tells his hyenas they will kill as many Pride Land animals as possible,

Back in the Pride Lands, Kion tries to show his new team, Bunga, Beshte, Ono, and Fuli, his roar, but it comes out as a squeak. Simba comes in to see the new Lion Guard, and is not happy that it's made of non lions.

Kion goes off to be alone, and from the clouds Mufasa reassures him. Bunga rushes in and tells Kion the hyenas are attacking. Kion gathers his team, and puts his paw on all of their shoulders, which gives them a mark like he has.

They all run out and chase the hyenas off, and Simba accepts Kion's team.

Now lets look at the Simba's Pride aspects. The pictures are copyright Disney. I apologize in advance for the bad quality, part is due to my camera, and part may be due to the shiny pages of the book.

This is the inside cover of the book. It's drawn as a tree drawing and shows the hyenas chasing Pride Land animals. There is a lioness cub there as well. Due to Kiara being stuck in a stampede in a trailer, I figure it might be her. Maybe these drawings are added to the lair after Kion and his team stop the hyenas.

Here is Simba on Pride Rock with Kiara, teaching her "Everything the light touches is part of our kingdom", shortly before telling Kion to quiet down. I was so excited to see Kiara on the first page, and she looks great!

Here's Kion at the edge of the Outlands with Bunga before he jumps after their ball.

Uh oh! Hyena trouble! Bunga gets surrounded by hyenas, including Janja, However in the preview clip is was just Chungu and Cheezi.

And here's what will probably be the pinnacle scene of The Lion Guard: The first time Kion roared the Roar of the elders, allowing Bunga to escape.

Chungu who was spying on Bunga returns to the Outlands to tell Janja about the new Lion Guard. Janja then comes up with a plan to attack as many Pride Land animals as possible.

And here's the final page of the book, and it happens to feature Kiara. She looks so happy and proud of her little brother and his guard. Again, she looks perfect!

We probably won't get any other merchandise for a while, but when we do, I'll be sure to keep you updated on the Simba's Pride elements in them.

Lion Guard Defend!


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