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The Little mermaid adaptation has been floating around for a while, and now the movie has found its title character in the form of Chloe Moretz. Yes, that's right, Chloe Moretz will be starring in the live action adaptation after finally signing on to the project despite the protests of a writer who left the project after the studio let her know that Moretz was their #1 pick for the role. The film itself might not be like the Disney animated movie you know and love, so you might want to alter your earlier/pre-release expectations.

The movie itself will be based on the book which will offer a slightly darker take on the beloved fairytale. Sofia Coppola ( Lost in translation, The bling ring ) was originally attached to write the script, but the studio wanted to hire another top-level writer in order to hire the actress they wanted for the role. Coppola parted ways with Universal after "creative differences" with the studio caused her to leave the project altogether. Apparently Coppola didn't want Moretz to star in the movie and was adamant about not going forward with the project should the actress be cast.

As it turns out there are people who sided with Coppola for not giving in to studio demands and maintaining her "artistic integrity" by refusing to be involved if her demands were not met. The studio doesn't seem to consider it a loss, because after she left they hired screenwriter Richard Curtis ( Love Actually ) to pen the script. While the dispute between Coppola and Universal stirred some controversy, there were also negative reactions to the announcement of Moretz being cast. A segment of people feel that Moretz is unfit to play the role by claiming that she a terrible, overrated actress who does not fit the personality and character of Ariel. Most of the other jabs at her are because of her overall appearance which for some is considered "off-putting" and "strange", or they simply cite other reasons for their disapproval.

First, let's a get a few things straight. This movie is happening and no amount of complaining or protesting is going to change that. Second, this film is not being made by Disney and there will no doubt be skeptics and critics who take that personally, even after "Snow White and the Huntsman" was a commercial and mildly critical success. Finally, It would be better for people to wait until the film is released before completely throwing Moretz and the film under the bus. For all we know, the film could actually be good and Moretz could deliver a great performance, so it's only fair to judge her and the film based on their own merits. This article is not to discourage you from having an opinion, opinions are great, and deserve to be shared. You don't have to be in the "Chloe Moretz fan-club", but at least wait until the film hit theaters before railing against it, you might just be surprised by how it turns out.


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