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D.J. Nichols

Speculation has begun that Garret Dillahunt is being courted to play villain Negan from The Walking Dead comics.

Here is how Negan is briefly described on Wikepedia:

Negan has a unique personality; a purer form of sociopathic typification than the Governor

In their review of issue #103 of The Walking Dead comic, IGN said that Negan was:

"quickly giving the Governor a run for his money in the villainy department"

Apparently Dillahunt has been longing to play a character on The Walking Dead for some time now as he is already a huge fan of the show. Many may recognize him from roles in Deadwood, Justified, No Country For Old Men, 12 Years A Slave, Alphas, 4400 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I for one think this is a great casting choice, but only time will tell if this is will indeed happen. Fingers crossed!


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