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The Peanuts Movie follows Charlie Brown on his quest to win the heart of the Little Red-Hair Girl (I guess her name isn’t Heather) while Snoopy writes an epic romance novel that has nothing to do with the rest of plot. It manages to keep the setting in a smaller scale compared to your typical movie adaptation and this works in the movie’s favour since that’s where the comic strip and TV shows were most memorable. If you have a favourite Peanuts moment, it’s gonna be in here for sure. Plus it also has all these references for, you know, fan service.

The script is paced at break-neck speed and breaths new life to classic bits. But the one draw back is that it feels slightly rushed at times giving virtually no room to catch your breath before it moves on to, say, the Snoopy plot which is just put there as filler. The kids in this (except for Charlie but especially the pseudo-character that is the Little Red-Haired Girl) don’t develop as characters which makes for some boring storytelling but I’m not really complaining here. Seriously, as a big Peanuts fan, there’s no way to look at this movie without unconditionally loving it despite its flaws.

Blue Sky Studios has really outdone themselves with one of the most unique looking movies of the year. There are moments of 2D animation as well which is a nice touch and really, if you’re somehow not amazed by its animation then you’re clearly dead inside. :)

The acting is also impressive and utilizes actual kids (as with any Peanuts cartoon). Some standout performances include Alex Garfin as Linus who sounds exactly like the Linus’s’s of the past and It’s like they’ve used the same kid for last 50 years. Creepy, but yeah. But I think most of it’s funniest moments were delivered by his crabby sister Lucy (Hadley Belle Miller) who’s currently my favourite Peanuts character after two decades of hating her (I’m not sure what that means to you, but it’s a revelation to me).

For those who hate Peanuts/Snoopy/Charlie Brown, The Peanuts Movie isn’t going to win you over. But its a perfect introduction for those who’ve never known about Peanuts for some reason. This is a great family movie. It’s fun for kids… i think. This is the safest of all movies to go to with plenty of laughs to be had.


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