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I'm a student at an awesome university! I love everything Harry Potter & The Avengers! If it's on tv or in the movie theaters I've probably

The 90s classic Airbud finally turns 18 years old. It has been 18 years since Josh Framm, who is played by Kevin Zegers, introduced us to the basketball playing golden retriever that is Buddy! The psychotic clown and the coach who decided to abuse children with basketballs for encouragement aside, it was about a lonely kid who needed a friend and found it in an incredible dog!

So ever wonder what happened to the basketball duo?

Buddy, since the film, also played the pet dog, Comet, from the 90s sitcom Full House. Sadly, Buddy passed away from cancer in 1998. I'm sure he's playing with basketballs in doggy heaven!

As for Kevin Zegers he continued acting, starring in films such as Dawn of the Dead, Zoom, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He recently just finished filming a movie called Sleepwalker. Not only is he continuing his career as an actor, but he has since gotten married and now is a father to twin girls!

He went from this adorable kid.... an equally handsome father of two!

Since the birth of his twins he has taken a break from acting. I don't blame him for taking the break seeing as having twins means double the trouble or double the diapers. Either way I hope he comes back to acting soon!


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