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After the success of Skyfall, I was extremely excited to see Daniel Craig's final Bond movie. I was not let down! Spectre is absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, and is simply fun to watch. It was great to see Craig give such a phenomenal performance in his last go-round, but at the same time this film isn't perfect.

Here is the good, the not-so-good, and the emotional of Spectre:

The Good:

  • It's James Bond, so of course the action scenes are intense and the whole movie is fast-paced and thrilling!
  • Cristoph Waltz absolutely steals every scene that he is in. That man was born to play a Bond villain, and he does a marvelous job. He is terrifying from beginning to end, and is a perfect antagonist.
  • Dave Bautista did a fantastic job, and his character is a lot of fun to watch.!He gives Bond and good run for his money, and the fight scenes are choreographed amazingly well.
  • The plot is simple, yet at the same time immensely satisfying. In a Winter Soldier-esque way, Spectre reflects on today's society and the problems that can arise when corrupted people gain power. It's a real-life threat that is all the more terrifying because it is not so hard to imagine America slipping into a similar situation.

The Bad:

  • While it is a James Bond movie, and Bond is a renowned womanizer, he gets with almost every single female character. This is a little bit ridiculous, especially after he performs a harsh injustice to one of their husbands the scene before. Strong women characters are great, but not if every single one becomes objectified.
  • There is one plot twist that was cool in theory, but was very unbelievable in reality. One of the characters in is a situation that is literally impossible to escape from, then does with no explanation. That part could have been done better.

The Emotional

  • As this was Daniel Craig's last Bond movie, the filmmakers made it abundantly clear. There is a beautiful, albeit rushed, sendoff for the actor. I loved it!

In Conclusion

Spectre is an entertaining, fun action movie that will make you laugh, cringe, and cry all at different parts. I had a great time watching it and hope you can make it to the theater!


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