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You've probably noticed that neither Garfield nor Maguire is gonna play the Spider-Man in Captain America 3: Civil War, but nineteen year old Tom Holland will be the second remake within three years. The media says Maguire was too whiny (perfect thing to be when you're portraying Peter Parker if you ask me) Garfield was too "good looking" (Why would Stan Lee make a good looking Peter Parker? Totally defeats the "nerdy" effect) and Holland is too young (that is also correct.

I think the people who did the casting were shooting for someone who could portray a fifteen year old, but ended up with a guy who has a twelve year old face, a nose that could probably go from the Atlantic to Pacific and has a British accent. Great. Now, let's look at the other two wall crawlers, shall we?)

1. Andrew Garfield

Okay, this guy and Pinocchio over there obviously aren't my favorites. But this amazing spider man is out of the picture because he is actually happy that he's back in the audience.

2. Tom Holland I could go on and on about how pathetic of an excuse this Brit who looks twelve is. Don't have a picture either.

3. Tobey Maguire

Sure, he's the oldest and the biggest jerk out of the three but he, Dunst and Raimi have made the highest box office results for the spider man franchise. And if the box office results continue to drop since the first movie by Tobey, the people who work for marvel studios would wish they could get Tobey or Andrew instead of snozzle the British baby nerd kid. But by then Tobey would be too old and Andrew wouldn't want to be involved


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