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Debby Brant

I think the outfit is absolutely amazing. I so wish I had been that creative when my daughter was small but the best I could manage was a variety of witch costumes. I agree with his Dad, the Bloody and gory outfits seem to be getting more and more extreme. Halloween is supposed to be about fun and having a good time. I love it when the kids come knocking at the door trick or treating because I love to see their outfits. Good on his Dad I say for making sure his son looked fantastic and I love the fact that he stuck up for and supported him. Boys dressing as girls? Clearly this "hater" has never been to the UK, we have a tradition here around Xmas time called Pantomime which is fun theatre for all the family the principal boy is played by girl and the "Dame" is always played by a male. This has been going on for hundreds of years and what about Shakespeare? All parts were played by males because females didn't act. Get with the times you haters you are kill joys and centuries out of time! Go Liams Dad xxx


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