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With many parts of the country having gone through another November election, and The United States on the cusp of another Presidential election in 2016, here are four films that show the government may not always have your best interest in mind.

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

In this political thriller, Frank Sinatra stars as an Army officer who is investigating the strange actions of a Korean war hero. We find out that the hero has been brainwashed and programmed in Manchurian China, and is out to kill a political candidate. One of the first films to incorporate brainwashing, martial arts, and political assassination in an extremely serious, real world manner, this film would not be the last to use these plot threads. This flick is the grand daddy of the Bourne series, and a well respected example of the genre.

Syriana (2005)

In this multi-layered political thriller starring George Clooney and William Hurt, we get a global setting and home grown greed as the center of this film. Wanting to control the flow of oil into the US, and the way their people operate, we see a few governments operate hand-in-hand with big oil companies to secure an energy contract. While an extreme version of crony capitalism, this film stands out as a cautionary tale for viewers on different sides of the political aisle as to what happens when money and power collide.

Absolute Power (1997)

Say you're a cat burglar ripping off a Presidential safe house, and you see the Commander-In-Chief commit a foul and heinous act. What do you do ? Well, if you're Clint Eastwood, you direct, produce and act your way out of it. Mr. Eastwood plays a jewel thief, who witnesses the murder of a young woman at the hands of the POTUS. Gene Hackman plays the President, who is sincere, slimy, and deadly , sometimes all at once. Layered with plenty of intrigue and diversions, this movie delivers suspense in spades.

The Bourne Identity (2002 film)

Matt Damon plays amnesiac master spy, Jason Bourne. Found in the middle of the ocean by a passing fishing trawler, our hero begins a journey of self identity, discovery, and lots of butt kicking. Dealing with a group of senior CIA staff, politicians, and corporate firms all wanting him dead, Bourne goes from country to country, and fight to fight to stay alive. Getting help from a French woman he half kidnaps, half hires to get him out of Switzerland, Bourne soon has to use skills he didn't know he had to save his life and find out who he is. Taught and full of intrigue and drama, the first film in the Bourne series lets us know what Jason is in for living in a dark ops world.

So, during this political season don't let long lines, grouchy poll workers get you down, remember, you could have it worse, you could be one of these guys.


So, which movie gives you the political heebie jeebies ?


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