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Nothing new today

Picture of the Day

We've gotten to the point of non Kiara pictures. Here is Janja talking to his hyena goons in The Outlands. Who knows what they're discussing that would make him smirk so much, yet have the other hyenas look so worried. Perhaps he is telling them about the plot to attack the Pride Land animals. Or maybe discussing the roar Kion posses.

Things to Ponder

"Was Vitani destined to be a Lion Guard?"

There's huge debate whether or not Vitani and Nuka are Scar's cubs. If Vitani is Scar's daughter, that would make her second born, and when Scar was king,second in line. Does that mean if Scar stayed in power, Vitani would've been lion guard?

The leader is the fiercest in the Pride Lands, and since her introduction in Lion King 2, Vitani is shown as being pretty fierce.

She's also fought against Simba and Nala as an adult. If Scar had stayed in power, maybe she'd be the next to lead the Guard.

What I'm doing today

Watching my second favorite movie Big Hero 6 with my friends

Watching Chaotic with some other friends

Writing with two other friends


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