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In 2002 we got an awesome movie called spider man and in 2012 ,I guess not an awesome movie as expected.I was a kid when I first watched spider man and the first time I saw this movie I loved it.All of it to be honest ,and every kid loves cheesiness as we know and needless to say,I loved it.I even loved the movie's sequel .By the time spider man 3 was in theatres,I was in my teens and didn't like it that much.But when the amazing spider man hit the screens ,I came to a conclusion that spidey 3 was better than that.A few days later I read some articles where it said that the amazing series was better.And I am totally against that.


To start off,lets compare the story.The original spider man movie had a good "commercial" plot which had a quite simple story of a young high school student called peter parker ,who happens to be a smart nerdy kid.He gets bitten by a spider and mutates to get the abilities of a spider.He then feels guilty over his uncle's death and starts to crimefight believing in his uncle's quote "with great power comes great responsibility"he also works his way through his personal life and fights the green goblin,who happens to be a phsycopathic villain.

On the other hand we have the "amazing spiderman" which does not show peter parker's origin story quite well,the writers tried to fuse in spiderman's origin story with the mystery behind oscorp and the dissapearence of peter's parents.The story is about peter parker getting bitten by a spider ,and after that he starts acting a bit rude ,which is not liked by his uncle ben,who then gets killed ,peter tries to avenge him by becoming the amazing spiderman and finally he faces off with a mutated lizard like villain.

If we compare the sequels,spider man 2 had an excellent story,better than spiderman 1 ,it has a lot less convoluted plot than the amazing spiderman 2 ,The movie starts off with peter trying to manage his social life along with his superhero life,which does not work out quite well and of all he loses mary jane who decides to marry jameson's son and also peter starts losing his powers.He then quits being spiderman ,but later on he finds out his need in new york and dawns his costume again and finally faces off with Dr.Octopus.

On the other hand "the amazing spiderman 2" did the same mistake as in the first movie.They used more of the "oscorp/peter parent mystery" than the spiderman story.This movie has a bit of a convoluted plot,it starts off with peter breaking up with gwen,searching about his parents past and finally faces off with electro and the green goblin.

The Better Cast


PETER PARKER-Tobey mgguire played the masked vigilante in the first movie and he totally stole the show,a lot of people say that Tobey looks old,he looks 'buff' and also he is emotional.But the truth is ,all of this is what spiderman is.First of all Tobey mgguire does not look OLD and he is not buff,the spiderman from the comic book was buff and not to mention the animated series.And also spiderman is a teenager ,he's not blade or bruce wayne to be cold blooded.And spiderman was emotional right from the comic books to the animates series.

MARY JANE-Kirsten dunst played mj in the sam raimi trilogy,and quite frankly she did a real bad job or maybe she didn't have a good character sketch.She has had so many relationships in this movie ,she started off as flash thompson's girlfriend ,she then broke up with him during the graduation and started dating harry,she then fell in love with spiderman and then peter,in the second movie ,she gets engaged and gets nearly married to jameson's son and in spiderman 3 breaks up with peter gets close to harry and finally comes back to peter.And this is not the mary jane I remember from any of the spider man comics.She was just such a bad character in this movie and did not even resemble the mary jane from one of the animated serie.

And talk about coincidence,everytime in every movie the climax scene starts off with mary jane kidnapped by the bad guy and thrown down a scyscraper(presumably) .

AUNT MAY-She was peter's only family after uncle ben's death and she has this mottos and other great quotes which helps peter deal with his problems,and by that rosemary harris did a great job as aunt may in this movie ,while if you compare the aunt may from the amzing spiderman played by sally field,she was more of the "overprotective" and "don't be late or your're grounded sort of aunt"

and sally field looked much younger.

HARRY-rich but not a brat,James franco did a really good job as harry,he didnt become the new goblin in a single movie,he was part of all three movies and his character changed bit by bit in every movie ,unlike the guy from the amzing series who lasted for just one movie .

NORMAN OSBORN-a.k.a harry's dad and the gobby played by wilem defoe was just super intimidating ,Inspite of the goblin suit being cheesy he was just one bad - ass villain ,the man also played a cold harsh dad.

Uncle Ben-Played by Robert Clifferson was the man ,who made pete the spidey we know, his qoute "with great power comes great responsibility" .his quote and his last words ,came in until the end of the trilogy.Unlike the uncle ben played by martin sheen who didn't use the exact quote due to copyright issues,the only word I heard during his conversation was just 'resposibility' and some other bullshit he says to make it sound like the original quote.


PETER PARKER -Played by andrew garfield,I personally have nothing against this guy ,he was a funny spiderman ,but he did his job well and all but the truth is I could see that spidey and pete were the same characters even when he wore the mask.

GWEN STACY-played by Emma stone.She did a wonderful job ,and did it way better than dunst,she and spidey were practically a team,but of all things she fell to her death and that too by a bad guy who appeared for about 3 to 4 minutes in the whole movie,and spiderman failed to catch her,well that's just great because the amazing series did nothing related to the comic or the animated series except for stacy's death .Marc webb killed a character who was loved more than spidey by the fans.

AUNT MAY-played by sally field.As i said she is no the aunt from the comics or tv shows, she is this new sort of aunt may who does not hate spidey,likes to be overprotective and even grounds peter.bad thats really bad.

NORMAN OSBORN-I don't care who played the role,the man died in about two minutes of the movie ,one of the most important characters in the history of spiderman ,dies moments after his appearence,shame on you marc webb.

HARRY OSBORN-Danny Dehaan played the role and he did a real good job,bad that he had such short scenes ,he even played a great gobby,he could have done a better job ,ony if he had more screentime as goblin.

FLASH THOMPSON-The man actually had more screentime than the original series.


The Sam raimi had its music scored by award winning artist Danny Elfman,he has composed for many superhero movies like Tim b's batman and also the avengers and more.and the music is just AWESOME.

as for the amazing series ,the first movie did not have such good music but the second one was composed by hanz zimmer,the man who brought us tunes like pirates of the carribean and the dark knight themes, But he too did not do such a great job for TASP2


I dont really think CGI is a comparable topic because the original movie was released in the year 2002 and the amazing series in 2012


I'm not gonna go comparing all villains but seriously jamie fox became a bad guy cuz spidey wont be friends with him.I just need to remind you that this is not the mickey mouse clubhouse.

but the lizard had a good origin,similer to the one Osborn was facing.Testing of human trials due to pressure from officials. And Norman osborn was intimidating in the original movie with jump scare scenes,wanna know why?because sam raimi is known for making horror movies.


The one character not part of the amazing series was jonah jameson and jk simmons,he rocked the house!!!


Even though I personally like Tobey, I wouldn't say he was the better.i'll leave it up to you guys to decide.

SPIDERMAN-I admit he was a bit goofy with that dance from spidey 3 but apart from that,he was a true hero, he too was a funny spiderman,and he had a good suit ,without its origin like batman and his moments of heroism in the train scene and also the transformation from puny parker to spidey was just great,not to remind the scene where he tries out his powers,the organic web might be a bit bothering but it was fun.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN-he was just funny as spiderman would be ,but the suit from spandex,thats harsh and apart from that ,the ending of TAZSP2 was just heroic.He too was emotional and he turned out to be great as spidey.




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