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If you're like me, you don't necessarily have the time to watch shows when they originally air. It's either because you're doing something at the time, or you just simply don't feel like watching something at 8pm on a Tuesday night.

Either way, you end up missing episodes, and again, if you're like me, you won't bother watching the rest of the season if you've missed even just one episode. That one episode more than likely included something important!

Luckily for me, and you, there are services like Netflix and Hulu that allow us to catch up on our favorite shows! These two subscription services will thankfully be around for a long time, and many consider them to be the future of television—despite being available on many more devices than just your TV. If you want to catch up on a show, you can probably find its seasons on either Netflix or Hulu. If you want to catch up on a DC show...well, you may be out of luck soon...

Is DC Seriously Considering Withholding Their Shows From Netflix And Hulu?!

Time Warner, the distributor of multiple DC Comics-based shows, is considering changing the way they distribute their shows to streaming services. The news comes from comments made by Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, who says that the company is set on "delivering even more value to consumers, especially those who subscribe to the traditional bundle."

However, the way they're delivering more value to consumers is terrible news for those who use services like Netflix and Hulu to watch DC shows. Shows Like Gotham, The Flash, Arrow and more may take YEARS to get on to Netflix and Hulu!

As a person who recently used Netflix and Hulu to catch up on those three shows, I have to say I'm really disappointed by this news.

An Attack On Streaming Services?

While the decision to withhold their shows on Netflix and Hulu might just be because Time Warner and DC believe TV to be the quote "golden goose", some might take it as an attack on the streaming services—primarily Netflix.

Netflix has been under a lot of attack by traditional TV networks and companies recently. First there was the whole disagreement between Netflix and FX, and now Time Warner/DC is saying they might not put their shows on the service until several years after the season already airs.

All of this is likely because TV networks believe that Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services have way too much power nowadays. Like I said, digital distributors like Netflix are considered by many to be the future of TV watching. You can watch your favorite shows any time you want, any where you want, it's quite the deal.

But cable companies could be feeling a bit attacked themselves by the popularity of services like Netflix. After all, the more Netflix and Hulu you watch, the less cable you watch right?

Is This A Good Move?

Besides the fact that I use Netflix and Hulu primarily as my means of watching my favorite DC superhero shows, I think this is a pretty terrible move on TWC and DC's part.

As of today, Netflix has over 60 million subscribers, 40 million of those being in the U.S. Hulu has over 4 million, not as much as Netflix, but still quite a large amount of paying viewers.

Most of those subscribers likely own some cable service as well, whether it's Cox, Time Warner Cable or Century Link. The point is, even people with cable use services like Netflix and Hulu! When people say that Netflix is the "future of television", they don't necessarily mean that traditional TV is dying out.

It's quite the opposite actually, millions of people still watch cable (I can't give you the statistics because I'm honestly not sure how)! People who own cable still use services like Netflix and Hulu to catch up on their favorite shows. Some people just can't be in front of the TV every time their favorite show comes on. And DC has a lot of shows: The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, iZombie, Supergirl, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, Preacher and Lucifer.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Expecting people to watch all of these shows at the time they're on isn't crazy, and it isn't impossible to do so. But it's so much easier to not miss episodes when there's something like Netflix or Hulu to fall back on. And trust me, when it comes to shows like The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, all of which are in the same universe and will be having multiple crossover episodes, you don't want to miss a thing!

Netflix and Hulu allow fans to catch up should they miss an episode, it's basically an assurance that they won't miss out on something important because they couldn't catch it on TV at the original time. Take that away, and you're pushing away a ton of fans.

For example, I got extremely interested in The Flash after seeing episode one of the second season, but I had only seen a couple episodes of the first, so I was understandably confused. When the first season dropped on Netflix, I binged the crap out of it, and caught up on season 2 with Hulu. Now I'm officially a Flash fan!

If Time Warner does withhold their shows on streaming services for several years, that means some people could be years behind the rest, which is a huge problem if DC is trying to get more people to watch their shows.

What do you think? Is DC withholding their shows on Netflix and Hulu a smart plan?

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