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Doctor Strange star Chiwetel Ejiofor was photographed in what could be a modernized version of the Baron Mordo character’s costume.

Chiwetel Ejiofor seems to be the hooded person in the set video that surfaced this week, and Instagram user @acenbee says that he “seems to be [Strange’s] guide” in the scenes filmed between them.

Baron Mordo’s costume, appears to be the character’s usual green color, though the suit seems to be looser and a modern take on the villain’s costume from the comics.

The latest rumors about the plot of the movie, they are in Nepal to film Strange's journey to find The Ancient One, so he can heal Strange's hands after they were injured. It is also said that in that location a portal opened once by "Zealots of dark magic" leaded by Kaecilius, a character from the comics that worked for Baron Mordo.This portal leaded to another dimension.

In the comics, Baron Mordo was a student of the Ancient One, but turned against him and became an antagonist to Stephen Strange.

If this movie does have a sequel i would LOVE to see Strange fight Dormammu

He's definetly one of my favorite Strange's villains and i do hope he appears on the big screen.


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