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Season 2 of The Flash has been getting awesome in the last few episodes. We got Iris' mom, Earth 2, Harrison Wells from Earth 2, Jay Garrick, and tons of villains from DC Comics. But we just need more! So here's 5 things we need this season.

1. Wally West!

Since Iris' mom left Central City and now starting to focus on helping Barry and the team, there could still be a possible way that Iris' mom will come back to the show and bring Wally with her. I think what Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg is doing is that, they're trying to make Wally West make his entrance in probably between episode 6 and episode 10 and then get his powers in the mid-season finale like what they did to Roy in 'Arrow'.

2. Killer Frost!

Now, who does not want to see Caitlin turn into a big bad villain? Okay, this is a tricky one. Since they introduced multiverse, do you think Caitlin's doppelgänger will appear in their world or will Caitlin will just turn Killer Frost instead? I mean think about it. There are 52 breaches. And one of them should be a doppelgänger of someone, which is Killer Frost! We already saw Killer Frost in the last episode of season 1 of the 'The Flash' when Barry harnessed the speed force.

3. More crossovers!

In season 1 of 'The Flash' there were a lot of crossovers with 'Arrow' and I hope there would be more than that this season. Here's my theory about crossovers this season. What if, Oliver and his team needs help of Barry and his team to capture Damian Darkh? Or what if, Barry calls Oliver for help of capturing Zoom? Who knows?

4. Barry and Oliver talking about making a team (Legends of Tomorrow)!

We all need Barry and Oliver talking about making a new team, I mean think about it. Barry and Oliver can't do this alone, they need a team. Probably one day, Barry and Oliver will be injured badly and maybe lead them to death. Just like in the trailer, Barry said "Sometimes the world needs a team" , there will be an episode on 'Arrow' or 'The Flash' when they team up to fight Vandal Savage!

5. Barry and Iris!

We know that Barry and Patty are now an awkard couple, but do you think they will break up in the mid-season finale like what happened to Barry and Linda who only dated for like 3 episodes? But we just need to ship Barry and Iris! We already know that they're gonna get married (Duh) because in season 1, when Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin found out about Reverse Flash's secret room, they found a newspaper about The Flash who disappeared in the year April 24, 2024 with a fight with the Reverse Flash. And the name who wrote it was Iris West Allen! Thats right, Barry's will marry his best friend!

What do you think? Do you agree with my theories?


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