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For many fans of The Hunger Games films, watching Panem come to life is the best part. From the characters and relationships, to the different Districts and citizens, it's a film meant to leave us in awe.

Welcome to Capitol Couture!

Capitol Couture is a unique online fashion magazine that brings you whimsical and high-end fashion articles from the Capitol. Initially launched during the release of The Hunger Games, you can immerse yourself into current news, topics, fashion trends and more on this highly interactive site. Throughout the years, The Hunger Games franchise has collaborated with best-of-the-best talent in photography, designing and production to put together this elaborate and detailed website. Make sure to check it out here!

The Final Issue: Ultima Volatus

With an archive of four issues previous, just when you thought that they reached their potential, 'Ultima Volatus,' their fifth and final issue, pushes the boundaries of the finest couture.

When you first arrive onto the homepage of the fifth issue you can expect yourself to be amazed and equally overwhelmed by its brilliance. Whether it's fashion, beauty, or design, you'll be highly satisfied with what they offer. With both the finale of the series as well as the online couture magazine, The Hunger Games franchise went all out to put together an all-star team that left us with a lasting impression. A very lasting impression is inevitable when you're looking at the wondrous artworks from a superstar brain trust.

Photographer Steven Klein, Model Hannah Davis
Photographer Steven Klein, Model Hannah Davis

Creative Director: Susanne Bartsch is an icon in the New York fashion scene. With a background in event producing—her parties were home to the best in high fashion and were a haven for trendsetters—her elaborate and unique eye has solidified her rank in the top tiers of all things stylish. Though not necessarily a designer, as quoted by the New York Times, "[her name] is the equivalent of a couture label," Bartsch has assisted in the launching of several careers—it's amazing that The Hunger Games franchise was able to bring her into the fold to create some truly memorable pieces.

Photographer: Steven Klein is no rookie to photography. He's been brought into work on campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Nike; that's not even half of his résumé. Judging by the photos he expertly captured for the magazine, you can clearly see why he has such a deserved notoriety.

Model: Yes, if you were wondering, that is Hannah Davis. You might remember her from the front cover issue of the Sports Illustrated 'Swimsuit Issues,' but for this shoot, she decided to put it all back on for the Capitol to show off an exciting and fresh new image.

True fans of not only the franchise, but fashion in general, will be in awe with the pieces and collaborations that The Hunger Games has put together.


"Bigger is always better," according to the Capitol and this look certainly captures that in its extravagance. The ensemble is described as being "created with wearability in mind, this look is perfectly suited for shopping during the day or attending a casual function in the evening," on the Capitol website. Framed with a warrior mentality in mind, this piece is as fine as it is fierce.

Surge and Swell

This look is elegant yet groundbreaking for Panem, which is quite the feat in such a fantastical environment. Said to be a revolutionary outfit that effortlessly captures the image of how times are changing in Panem, the flowing charm of the outfit makes for one beautiful, bold statement.

The Huntress

This has to be my favorite out of the entire collection. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before and the creativity is incredible to behold when studying the photos. This outfit represents the Rebellion and the strive for survival in a war-torn world beautifully. The headpiece was custom created with porcupine quills, with her armor being built out of zip ties and elastic cords. How cool is that? All materials you would easily find in any of the Districts, making this look as authentic as it is awe-inspiring.

Prepare for Mockingjay Part 2

The more you explore the website, the more you feel like you're part of The Hunger Games world. Now that Katniss is going into battle, some of the fashion choices that are being popularly displayed resemble more of a war theme. The Revolution is taking its toll on the Capitol, and is influencing everyone's lifestyle throughout Panem.

Now that it's been nearly a year since the release of Mockingjay Part 1—too long if you're asking me—and with the impending arrival of the epic saga's finale in Mockingjay Part 2, this website is a great place to revisit the world of Panem on a different screen. It's interactive, it's creative, it's unique and is completely unlike any website that I've seen from a film's marketing. I can't wait to see what creative couture is showcased throughout the film now, as if I needed any more reasons to impatiently count down the days standing between me and the Rebellion's attack on President Snow.

Unite for the battle of a lifetime, out in theaters everywhere November 20th!


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