ByManos Meletis, writer at

I am a huge fan of the show , and this is my own theory about The Walking Dead's future .. It may contains spoilers about the show , so if you haven't watched it yet don't read this post..
I believe that in a world full of zombies everyone will die eventually.Some characters may die at the beggining , some at the middle of the show and some at the end.. And I believe that Glenn's death was trying to teach the fans that not even Rick's group is going to survive for ever , and in a world like that , no matter what you do , you will die eventually . Rick , Daryl , Michonne , Morgan ,Abraham etc are gonna die .
So , probably Morgan is " the good guy " of the show right now , but we don't know what his evolution will be. I personally think that the darkness of the world is not going to suck him up like it has done with Rick.Morgan , no matter what happens is going to keep " a limit".He may die at the end of season 6 , exactly because he's the good guy and he probably is not willing to do anything to survive like Rick.And a thing we have learned from the show so far is that the good guys always die first, so I believe that he's going to die at the end of season 6.
But that's my own personal idea, so you'd better not be sure about what I've said so far, But I hope you agree.


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