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Being a major Star Wars Geek is fine and dandy with me. I see nothing wrong with it what so ever. I will even go as far to say I dare you to watch a movie or television show that at one point or another doesn't have some sort of Star Wars Reference. From the Mid eighties on. Now that I have pointed this out to you, please pay attention because you will without question begin to see the the pattern and even perhaps be gob-smacked with just how entrenched we really are in Society and Film to Star Wars. Here is an experiment for you to try. Go to the video store or stream Netflix and pick out ten or fifteen random movie's to watch. I will lay odds on the fact that eighty five percent will have some sort of nod or reference to our Beloved Galaxy Far Far Away.

Now with that little Easter Eggish comment done with I will move on to the subject at hand. Speculation, Common sense, and the Unknown. With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens just around the corner what do we really know thus far about it and what is outlandish rumor. We know they have kept production under wraps extremely well, especially for today's Hollywood scandal scene and the leak train we all occasionally can't help hopping aboard. So let us move on and get to the juicy stuff. I am about to place my opinion out there whether it is wrong, right, or indifferent. This is what I have noticed or read that is not just random rumor put came from a reliable source at some point. Some are now obvious as well.

Here's the List of fiction, non-fiction, and opinion.

1. J.J. Abrams and Mark Hamill have both stated that this project was sparked by the question of what happened to Luke and where did things go after Return of the Jedi in reference to his character mainly. Opinion follows

A.) I do believe Luke will be having somewhat of an internal struggle and this was also stated by Mark Hamill himself towards the very beginning of production for all this.

B.) I do not at all believe that Luke Skywalker will be bad guy or on the Darkside. That's not really giving his character and what we know to be true about his character any type of respect. We just like Luke did, saw the effects of the Darkside and must understand that Luke clearly understood this and was strong enough to not be tempted by the Darkside. I know this is hard and we may not all like it but there is no continuity with the Expanded Universe anymore. I think Luke is in self imposed exile on some island on some remote world as was hinted at.

2. Rey is waiting on her family to return. We know this because she say's it in the international Trailer release that has recently hit the inter web.

A) I do believe she is under or was under the care of Max Von Sydows character on Jakku. I also believe he is an Ex-Imperial officer burdened by Leia Organa to care for her safety. I also think his characters alliance's will be in question in this film somewhat.

B.) I also believe and hope some of you do to, that this is our first homage to the expanded universe in that Rey is related to Leia and or Han. I also believe that Kylo is also related to them and this will at some in the next Episode works itself out and will be a kind of one of those "I am your Father" moment's of this new saga.

C.) I absolutely believe that it is Rey we see in the trailer handing Leia Luke's old lightsaber and not they other way around as was widely speculated a while back. The clothing or what we see of it clearly shows Rey's hand passing the Lightsaber into Leia's hand.

D.) Another Rey relation moment I believe will take course is the Han connection. I absolutely believe that Han Solo know's that Rey is his daughter or something close. I believe that is one of the reason's he ends up on Jakku or in that area. Perhaps he and chewy were even prisoner's to some degree for some time.

E.) I believe Rey will be Force sensitive at some point in the saga and big time.

3. Finn does wield Luke's Lightsaber in a confrontation with Kylo Ren and he was also an escaped First Order Trooper and yes a somewhat skilled pilot. As witnessed in the trailer.

A) Is he Force sensitive, not necessarily. Would it obviously make much more sense and run along the lines of what we see in the trailer's, yes. However he could very well have gotten his hand's on the saber in an attempt to save Rey. We know she now has a run in with Kylo Ren as well. And how exactly did he obtain the Lightsaber from Leia. I am not completely sure on this one. I will lean towards Leia Organa handed off to him to aid in the battle or rescue Rey whom she most likely knows is her daughter. You can see the fear and nervous expression on Finn's face in the trailer. Why this little theory? Why didn't the other obvious Force sensitive's like Kylo Ren sense is presence at some point or another.

B.) I do not in any way think he is related to Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, or Han Solo. I do want to believe that he will be the link in some way to one of our beloved hero's which is or should be Lando. Lando Calrissan can then be introduced back into the saga. Yes I went there, could he be related to their close friend Lando, why not. I am saying he should be Lando's son and that match is perfect in many way's. Speculation on this one though.

4. Kylo Ren is played by Adam Driver and is not Luke Skywalker. This should have never ever gotten legs and been able to span the web as it did. Ridiculous in every way.

A.) Kylo Ren is not a Sith Lord. He is part of the Knights of Ren and will play a role in this movie very a kin to that of Darth Maul's character in The Phantom Menace. He is a weapon wielded by the First Order. He is not in charge either. He is a Soldier, I commander of sorts. He will answer to General Hux, Supreme Leader Snoke and for Episode Eight, Benicio Del Toro's character possibly in the next one. We know that Del Toro's character is supposedly the big bad guy of them all, so it would make sense, unless?

B.) Kylo joins the Resistance in the Force Awakens. There is a very public picture of Adam Driver on set wearing and X-Wing Pilot's uniform. (Unless he was doing some extra's work for fill in, doesn't match up though) Isn't that one serious twist nobody is expecting.

Somebody looking very similar to Adam Driver.
Somebody looking very similar to Adam Driver.

C.) We also clearly know that Kylo has in his charge a band of Thugs or off shoot knight's. He is the gang styled leader which very much looks like a collage of Knight's and Bounty Hunter's. I give that an A plus for cool point's if so.

The Knights emerge
The Knights emerge

D.) We Know that at some point kylo may just perhaps commune with Anakin aka Vader if not and most likely not in this film (Episode VII) , but likely in one of the next two. Why? because at some point they will have to with some validity explain why he is obsessed with Darth Vader and retrieving lost Jedi and Sith artifacts. This is most likely why they are over Jakku and is where Luke's Lightsaber was retrieved!

4. Chewbacca is wounded (Upper right arm)! Chewbacca is likely to be killed. Why?

A wounded Wookiee
A wounded Wookiee

A.) Although there are going to be Ewoks in this film, yes Ewoks. In the trailer that has been very scrutinized over, we can see Rey leaning over a body in tears and somewhat mourning. Could it be an Ewok friend on the planet they are battling on, maybe. Accept in the international trailer when paused and carefully done you can see the leather pouch portion and some of the upper portion of what looks remarkably similar to Chewbacca's Bandolier. And if I must nit pick the hair seem's slightly to long to just be an ewok.

B.) I think this another way of paying some homage to the Expanded Universe lover's. Not exact replica of the books, however the outcome and theory are indeed the same.

C.) Peter Mayhew has not been cast for Episode VIII thus far either. (Carrie hasn't either so...?)

5. Admiral Ackbar and Nien Numb will appear in this movie.

It's not a trap.
It's not a trap.

6. Luke Skywalkers screen time is limited in this episode.

A.) Because it is a more climatic entrance. It is a better plot line.

B.) I believe that the death of a close friend (Chewbacca) will be the reasoning for his arrival. He will also have to enter in to help against the new awakening in the force.

C.) I believe he will and could be pivotal in the turning of Kylo Ren. Even perhaps taking him on as his personal Padawan per say.

7. Starkiller Base will have more of a role than we might think.

As I can only post so much I will end this article here and let you hopefully enjoy and debate. I will do a part two if you request it or it become's necessary. BECAUSE THERE IS MORE.

PS: There will at some in this saga be actual Mandalorians and I did not grammar check this time so sorry if there are to many error's.

Mandalorian flag above, look for Mythosaur
Mandalorian flag above, look for Mythosaur

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