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With all of the Marvel films that will be coming out over the next year, I thought of one of the underrated characters who it would just make sense to have in his own film, Slapstick. So, who is this under rated superheroes who has only appeared 24 times, and why does he deserve his own film?

Every great hero has an origin story, and, fortunately for us scholarly types, so does every lousy one. Slapstick, the zany character who is essentially a cartoon who lives in the "real world" of the Marvel Universe, doesn't have an overly complicated one, or even an interesting one, but it is where all superhero stories begin, and so that is where we venture to now.

Steve Harmon is a prankster in his highschool. He tries to get back at one of his former classmates who got him in trouble for a prank involving a cadaver. His vengeance isn't exactly Machiavellian in its complexity: he's going to dress up as a clown, blend in with the carnies, and hit Winston in the face with a pie when he heads on down to ride the ferris wheel with his lady friend. Bravo, Steve. Bra-vo.

Naturally, his plan hits a snag when the carnival turns out to be run by evil clowns from Dimension X (as hypothesized by our hero) who abduct Winston and his girlfriend, Heather, before Steve can see his devious machinations come to fruition. Calling upon his inner hero, Steve grabs a conveniently-located giant mallet and follows the circus folk into their dimensional portal within the House of Mirrors.

Steve manages to get through the portal just a little too late, and as a result, is transformed into a stylised version of himself: he has purple hair that resembles the wig he was wearing, a completely white face resulting from the make-up he had put on, exaggerated eyebrows, and two comically over-sized, four-fingered gloves.

Yes, Slapstick’s powers all come courtesy of a doctor in clown make-up who looks like Groucho Marx. Keep that one in mind for Marvel trivia night.

1. He is Kinda like a Clean Deadpool

Take it as a given, Deadpool is going to be great and make a truckload of money. Slapstick basically goes in, blows up shit, gets shot up but heals, and cracks wise. Sound familiar? If Marvel could capitalize on this tone with two different superhero genres, one of which is hard R and the other the fun loving PG-13 tops everybody wins. I will make light of Playboy making the recent decision to get away from the all-natural. Other magazines have done this and seen their readership rise I think it was like 30%.

2. Success of The Mask

Seriously, put pictures of these two characters beside each other, and tell me they do not belong in the same genre of films. He is a guy with an alter ego, running around wit ha big hammer, pulling pranks on mobsters. They are practically the same character, and it is proven to work. The Mask made over 300k at the box office.

3. Success of Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

If Slapstick would be true to the character, he would basically be a cartoon character. This kind of film with live action interacting with the toon has been done before successfully with Rodger Rabbit. That movie that I personally like to reminisce about, since I can’t find the damn thing on DVD, made over 270 million dollars at the box office. If this kind of tone could be captured with a character like Slapstick we would be seeing some sidesplitting, wise cracking, prank pulling humor.

4. Slapstick has working relationships with many other superheroes

The ones I could find were Spider-man, Human Torch, Ghost Rider, & Camp Hanmond’s New Warriors. Seriously, if they wanted to make a Ghost Rider reboot introduce Slapstick and see where it goes from there. They have gotten a deal going with the owners of Spider-man, throw in a cameo. It worked for Howard the Duck. Maybe even on Agents of Shield, oh there’s an idea. There are lots of ways that could be done. I mean, how often do we see an episode of a show like that which is just a break from the overreaching plot, and is just gives us some humor? It is great when that happens.

5. He is mid-teens

Marvel is going with a younger version Peter Parker, going with one of the newer version who is still in his teens. If this is the tone, and demographic, Marvel is looking to target they would have a sure winner with a Slapstick film. Let’s face it, how many of us would love to see a cartoon superhero going nuts at his high school with a big hammer?

6. Little material to go on

Since he has not appeared that much, they would not have to worry about all the fans jumping up and down screaming that they are changing everything. Film makers could do what they wanted with this guy and get away with it. And lets face it, that would even make the movie nuttier. They could do what they wanted with the story, while still keeping the characters identity intact and it would be fine.

7. He’s from Jersey

Let’s face it, that humor, and wise cracks would be great. Joisey, classic.

If you are still reading this craziness you must have an opinion.

What do you all think?

Does anyone else want to see a, uh, live action Slapstick film? He does not fight crime; he pulls mean pranks on it. Anybody else think that would just be a riot?


Does Slapstick Deserve a Big-screen Appearance?


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