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It looks like AMC will be gracing us with yet another amazing television show. Their newest project, Into the Badlands, is looking terrific. Set in a world where guns are outlawed, and barons fight to control the land, Sunny and a young boy, will travel the world seeking enlightenment. Though I'm confident a vast majority of you haven't even heard of this show yet. Well, I am not just here to inform you, but to persuade you to check it out.

AMC's Track Record

Like I stated before, AMC has given us plenty of great shows before. I mean has there ever been a bad AMC original? They have given us programs like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Hell on Wheels, Mad Men, etc, etc. All these shows have gotten critical acclaim, and that's not even the full list! This channel knows how to produce quality programming. And from what we saw in the trailers, it's safe to to say this upcoming show is no exception.

Fighting Sequences

One thing this show is really revolving around, is how guns are now a thing of the past. They are banished, and now fighting is an art form. So you know the action scenes will be top-notch. It's been quite a while since we've gotten a series, that has a huge focus on fighting styles. And it being on AMC is great, since we will get to see the brutality of it. Looking at the trailer, it seems very reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies. The combat and cinematography in that film was fantastic. Not to mention crew members who worked on that specific film, will be working on this show as well. Which means we are in for a treat.

Something New

This is definitely unlike many of the current television shows out right now. Not many shows have such an interesting and unique plot line like this. Great action-dramas (with a lot of emphasis on the action) are really rare nowadays. It has such an opportunity to explore its world and how it came to be. This also looks like it can appeal to a large audience, satisfying you action and fighting junkies as well. I truly feel this can be a smash hit like The Walking Dead since they are both truly unique in their own special way.

Thanks for reading, I hope I managed to convince you to check out Into The Badlands, when it premieres on Sunday, November 15th on AMC (which will be an awesome birthday present for me).


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