ByCameron Taylor, writer at

The CW's Flash is a great show, and with all of the Zoom Fan Theories going around, I decided to add my own.

Farooq Gibran (Better known as Black-out) was introduced in season 1. And some aspects of him just seem far to similar to Zoom's. Maybe it's just the blue lightning, but its also the fact that he took away Barry's speed. Just like how Zoom took away Jay Garrick's Speed, Black-out did the same to Barry.

Zoom: Runs with a Blue lightning streak with him, Can take away Jay's speed.

Black-out: Shoots blue lightning out of his hands, Can take away Barry's speed.

Maybe Zoom is an Earth 2 version of Black-out? Or is Black-out some how still alive? Maybe the fact that Reverse-Flash took some of Black-out's blood at the very end of the episode and that this was never mentioned again has to do with something? Please tell me what you think of this Theory.


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