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Alright! This is the moment that I've been waiting for:

The Purple Energem!

It's been a long time since "Power rangers jungle fury",

RJ have became our 1st purple ranger!

RJ: Violet wolf ranger.
RJ: Violet wolf ranger.

when I first watch power ranger jungle fury,

I didn't realize that RJ was going to become a ranger.

But he did! He have the wolf spirit!

I like RJ because he owns the pizza restaurant,

The wolf is my favorite animal & of course,

purple is my favorite color.

Alright now, let's get back to the purple energem news shall we?

When today's episode was so awesome, fury have reported to sledge

that he "thinks" he located the purple energem. He thinks?

Hmm? Sounds like a mystery or interested.

Sledge with the purple energem.
Sledge with the purple energem.

Uh-oh, sounds like trouble! But thank goodness for

Albert (the male purple ranger), he's only going to be a ranger

for a short time. And you know what else?

He's the first ranger to ever show fear when faced with monsters to the point of not being able to confront them, and was not able to overcome that fear, surrendering his powers to Keeper. And plus, he's 67-years-old!!!!!


Then along with other episodes going to show the rangers to find

a new purple ranger to join, find the plesio zord before sledge destroy it,

and the keeper & Kendall being capture by sledge to take them onto

his ship! But thank god for Kendall, she's going to be the next purple ranger!

Kendall Morgan: Purple ranger.
Kendall Morgan: Purple ranger.

I can't wait til "one more energem" comes up til next month!

Kendall's smiling for the energem.
Kendall's smiling for the energem.

Isn't that a proud moment?

This is exactly why that RJ & Kendall are both my favorite purple rangers

because I have something in common with them!

Let's see what happens with the last 4-episodes

when the rangers & Kendall go on an adventure with

the purple energem!

Purple energem with the other energems.
Purple energem with the other energems.

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