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I've read thousands of comics! By that I mean about 7 but you get the point...

If you hadn't heard Thor 3 has landed its director, and his name is Taika Waititi. He is a New Zealander famous for making movies such as 'Boy' and last years cult hit 'What We Do in The Shadows'. Waititi directed and starred in both of those movies, which happened to be comedies.

Taika Waititi's ability to bring comedy to situations where there is normally none is the reason he was selected as director. [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858) is set to be the darkest Thor yet, potentially the darkest movie in the MCU so far.

Thor's posters and promos are all pretty dark...
Thor's posters and promos are all pretty dark...

If you look at all the posters and pictures for Thor 3, they all look pretty darn dark. The comic book included some dark themes and the movie is set to follow with the inclusion of new villains and new lore to the world of Thor (lore and Thor rhyme yay).

Now the MCU can not have a movie that is too dark for a family to watch so they hired Taika Waititi. The funny man. Waititi will be set to lighten the film significantly.

A combination of dark themes and Taika Waititi's comedy inside the MCU can not go wrong (touch wood) so Ragnarok might just be the best Thor yet.

But to be honest that wouldn't be difficult.


Will Thor: Ragnorak be the best Thor movie?


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