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As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, I was going through some articles on Moviepilot and a couple other wonderful movie sites and something kept bothering me. I have seen it so many times for months now leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is the fact that everyone on the freaking internet thinks that Luke Skywalker is going to be evil in Episode 7?!

People think that because we didn't see him in any of the trailers, he is automatically evil. This is very annoying and there are some of you who are relieved right now and couldn't agree with me more, then there are the rest of you who think that Luke is evil and you are stuck to that idea. Now, let me convince you that Luke is not becoming evil.


It's a Repeat of Anakin's Story

We saw one Skywalker turn dark, I don't feel a need to see another one go over to the dark side. It would be repeating a story, and quite frankly, as much as I don't hate the prequels like everyone else, this is a boring or bland plot too. I thought we were throwing Jar-Jar and midichlorians away, so let's not bring back elements from the prequels.

Who Will Turn Him Over?

Remember when I wrote an article about these images? Anyway, who is going to turn Luke over to the dark side? Kylo Ren is just a Vader wannabe and the other villains are not sith or force sensitive and don't have the manipulation to turn a Jedi knight over to the dark side. The only person who would even have a chance would be Palpatine, but forget about that guy, he's dead. You may say Supreme Leader Snoke, but he does not have a connection with Luke.

I understand the fact that, like in Episode 6, Luke will have problems controlling his anger and resisting the dark side. He used it on Vader and he didn't turn evil. I'll talk about this more later on in the article but Luke is just going to be controlling his power.

This Defeats Luke's Character

Leaked picture
Leaked picture

The Original Trilogy showed us that Luke, unlike his father, could not be turned to the dark side. He is very resistant to the dark side and overcame this many times throughout the films. If they made Luke evil, this would be like having Jar-Jar taking a big crap all over Luke. He can't turn evil, he's Luke Skywalker! That is not his character and the production team care about Star Wars a lot. The main difference between Anakin and Luke shows that Luke is stronger therefore he is more resistant to turning over to the rath of the dark side.

What is up with Luke, then?

Have I convinced you? Good, now the question is where he is and what the hell he's been up to. This part is a rumor and theory but I think he is isolated. He is somewhere trying to control his powers because he is getting more and more powerful. Han and the rest will find him and tell him the Empire, the New Order, is back. Luke will have to decline the offer, as he does not want to leave isolation because he is scared of turning to the dark side. Eventually, someone dies (*cough Chewie cough*) and there is too much damage going on and Luke comes to save the day!


Is Luke Skywalker turning to the dark side?


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