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With the recent news that team-based shooter Overwatch will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, gamers are getting more and more excited for its Spring 2016 release! However, contrary to popular belief, Overwatch will not be free-to-play like Blizzard's previous games Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. This means that gamers will have to pay $40 - $60 for Overwatch - but it isn't all bad! With some insight from game director Jeff Kaplan, here's why releasing Overwatch as a full-priced game is a good thing!

Don't worry, kid. We'll get through this!
Don't worry, kid. We'll get through this!

The announcement of the Collector's Edition and Origins Edition of Overwatch threw gamers into a confused state. "I thought it was going to be free-to-play?" they shouted. "Why are we paying money for this?" Luckily, Jeff Kaplan clarified that the decision was made because it was right for the gameplay mechanics of Overwatch.

"A lot of the free-to-play models that we were exploring involved people not having access to enough heroes to make those team compositions actually viable. We really didn't want to change the core gameplay and limit it in some way just to make the game free-to-play."

In comparison to free-to-play team-based games, like League of Legends, this is a perfect business model. Instead of having to buy all the heroes individually, gamers will just pay a one time fee and get all the heroes immediately! This decision also reflects the feedback given by Blizzard's fans, as highlighted by Kaplan.

"We saw a lot of feedback coming from the community, almost like a fatigue with, like, 'I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to play this game. I really want [to play as] Mei, Widowmaker and Reaper, so what formula do I need to figure out in order for that to happen?'"

By making Overwatch a full-priced game, gamers can enjoy the game to the maximum. With all 21 heroes available to gamers as soon as they purchase the game, you'll be able to effectively work as a team and have an awesome gameplay experience! Oh, and crush enemies with a giant hammer with Reinhardt!

What Are The Plans For DLC?

Come fly with me. Let's fly let's fly awaaaaaaaay!
Come fly with me. Let's fly let's fly awaaaaaaaay!

Now that we've discussed how Overwatch being a full-priced game is awesome, let's delve into the issue of downloadable content (DLC). Many of Blizzard's fans are concerned about how Blizzard will handle DLC. Will they add new heroes? Will they be free or will you have to pay for them? How much will they cost? According to Kaplan, Blizzard is still in the planning phase of DLC - but there isn't going to be a hero store with additional heroes available to purchase. Heck, there might not even be any DLC released.

"In terms of if we decide [to add post-launch DLC], it would be a combination of us wanting for us to make more heroes and the community feeling like new heroes should be added to the game - if they think the metagame's stale and it would really mix it up or we're really excited to add this damage type or that gameplay mechanic."

With Blizzard unsure of whether or not players will get to see additional heroes, we'll have to hope that Overwatch's gameplay is solid enough to carry it to the top. But if it isn't? Welp, I guess we're all going to have to play our favourite game - the waiting game!

Missed the cinematic trailer? Check it out here!

Final Details

Overwatch is set for release Spring 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more information on the game and the heroes you can play, check out the Overwatch site here!

Source: Polygon


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