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After the third and final Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens trailer was shown to the world, director J.J. Abrams confirmed that from now on, no new footage shall be released for the upcoming film. The trailers that fans see now, is all the action that they'll get.

Just recently, Japan decided to release their own international trailer online and it shows a whole lot more! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out right here!

Star Wars is truly a work of art. With bits of scenes that we've already seen, the new footage gives us something different. By looking at the trailer, what else is there to conclude?

Will We Lose Someone Beloved?

This shot of Rey always seems to leave me uneasy. Who could possibly get killed off in Episode VII? This little 3 second scene will keep you thinking and of course as a Star Wars fan, we steer away from the big names. J.J. Abrams should know better than to have someone major die now, right? If you look closer at the picture, you never know.

Chewy, Is That You?

Speculation would have it that this furry hero may meet his end in this film.

It's obvious that Rey is crying over someone that's, you know, hairy and the hairiest character in the Star Wars franchise is the one and only Chewbacca. Could it really be him? That "no way" look is most likely on your face right now, but you can't deny the fact that it's possible.

Is This Already The End For Finn?

Having just been introduced, everybody would be thinking no, but the fact that Finn is taking on an actual Sith lord with zero lightsaber training, and no knowledge of the Force will leave you questioning.

Also, Rey is shown to be in the same exact spot where Finn is as he is beginning to take on Ren. So could it be his body that she is really crying over after he attempts to save her?

This is all speculated from the first trailers, but the new Japanese one could have just made it way more clearer.

Proof That The Slayer Is Kylo Ren?

With Kylo Ren making his debut as the new, big bad Sith Lord, he has to do something evil to show that he is truly on the dark side and what's more evil than killing one of the good guys?

The setting alone in the shot shows something similar to the other two scenes: they all take place in a forest. Maybe Endor, but does it snow on Endor?

That's the thing, when Ren has his lightsaber pointed at Rey's neck, the scene is shot with clear sunny skies and the other two show a dark and snowy forest. I suppose these events could all happen during different parts of the day, but who knows!

Is Luke Finally Coming?

Let's just say for a second that Finn is killed off while fighting Ren.

What if, just as Kylo Ren is about to kill Rey, a mysterious cloaked figure appears out of nowhere, activates a lightsaber of his own and fights him off. Next thing you know, Kylo is overmatched, retreats, and hopes to face this mysterious person another day. As Rey is crying over Finn's dead body knowing that he died trying to protect her, the mysterious person removes his hood and BAM! It's the Jedi master Luke Skywalker. A perfect way for him to make his debut.

It's all just speculation really, but from this point forward, anything could happen!

Who do you think will get killed off in episode VII? Comment down below!


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