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How much fun was that? Seriously, Episode 2 probably upstaged the pilot last week with a better flowing story and 'wham-bam see you later ma'am' attitude. Some of you may complain about the 30 minute storyline, but we get all we really need crammed into each episode. Myself included, I was left a bit disappointed when this episode wound down and had ended already. Then I thought to myself that if this show passed so quickly, it meant only one thing: This episode kicked Evil Dead ass. Let's recap this episode called Bait.


OK, so you'd never actually do it, but who has ever thought of killing their boss? Well, Ash vs The Evil Dead brought that to light when the possessed Mr Roper manager of Value Stop gets it in the car. Mr Roper came across as a complete ass in the first episode, your typical boss who expects you to work over time at short notice, pay you very little and pay you even less in respect. In the pilot we saw the demons coming towards him and that was it for Mr Roper. In Bait and now fully possessed he hitches a ride with Ash and Pablo unbeknown to them in the back seat. That's when all hell breaks loose and after using a cracked beer bottle on his neck several times we should add, Ash gets rid of the thing that should not be with a beheading via a vechile passing by, and that's the end of the boss.


Pablo what can you say about him that doesn't make you smile? OK he's naive and stupid- there were many examples of that in Bait. But how cute was it that Ash convinced him to take on the deadites with a broken beer bottle? Pablo and Ash have already in just 60 minutes established a warm chemistry that is making this show stick together and gell so well.


Earlier in the episode Kelly speeds off to help her father with a possible problem- her mother has come back from the dead! With Ash reluctant to help, Pablo tells him they need to go because she has taken the necronomicron and now Ash has no choice but to track her down. When he does Pablo and him enter the house swinging guns, chainsaws and that broken beer bottle. This is when the show just ups it in terms of how hilarious it can get. Sitting in the family home is Kelly, her dad and her dead mother. Ash knows right off the bat that it isn't Kelly's mother, that's a deadite alright.


Mimi Rodgers remember her? She was once Mrs Tom Cruise. Anyway that was some ago, but here she plays Kelly's mother. So at the dinner table Ash believes Kelly's mother must be a deadite, so the only way to find out is to, er, punch her clean in the face. There's a slight pause, an anguish that Ash has messed up big time here- and then thankfully all is revealed- she is!

He finally gets her in Kelly's bedroom and uses his chainsaw to great use- splattering her remains (see main pic) on her daughter and poor Pablo.


But just before Mimi Rodgers kissed goodbye to Ash vs Evil Dead she cornered and tricked Kelly, changing from deadite to mom again. And then we got the song, Hush Little Baby, remembered so well from Evil Dead 2 and also the remake. An awakened ear would have also of heard the piano bit right at the end also from the original Evil Dead's. We geeks just love this shit!

THE DIALOGUE WAS MAGIC- "Sometimes the whale needs the fish bait to remember where he is..."

The writing for Bait was just that little bit better and polished than th pilot. Bruce Campbell's deliveries were first class and here is some of them.

Just before the dinner scene:

Pablo: Can you just do me a solid and be polite in there.

Ash: Oh, I'll be polite. Right up until I'm rude.

Ash above explaining Kelly's situation to her:

Ash: You're kinda like a young me. Deadites ruined your life, and you're hot as hell.

But it's the final scene above and the classic reply from Campbell that we'll save for last. A little reference here thrown in for fans of the original Evil Dead, this one is for them-

Kelly: You know they were Jewish, right?

Ash: I, I did not. I wish you could have said something before I made those dumb crosses.



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