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So most zombie-lovers are always getting prepared for an apocalypse and storing weapons. Or is that just me? Anyway I've got a few handy tips that will help you survive if zombies start eating people’s brains out.

10. Avoid Going to the Hospital

Most Infected would go to a hospital to see what is going on, fever, throwing up, pale in the face, etc. That will be where most will start attacking. Also because a doctor might be infected and turn without knowing.

9. Stay Away From the Highway!

As seen in AMC's The Walking Dead, the highways get major traffic jams, and you would want to hope for the best if you got caught in one with a hoard of zombies coming after you. And you are also leaving stuff in the car for others to steal your things like drinks, food or even petrol!

8. Stay in a Small Group

No matter how many friends you have now, whether it’s 20, 30 or even 50, 90% of them will betray you. In a situation like zombie outbreak, there is more of a chance of them stabbing you in the back (literally) to save themselves. It would also help you save more food and water.

7. Keep Your Dog Safe

When it comes to dogs, they can be your best friend, they can warn you when the dead approach and they can hunt to kill and eat. One bad thing is that it can go crazy and bark at 3 a.m. and attract zombies. So train your dog and keep it with you at all times.

Good boy!!
Good boy!!

6. Learn Weaponry Combat

It's not all about fighting with guns and explosives. Sometimes the best weapon is a machete for silent use. Practice with sticks so you will eventually be good with swords (or practice with an actual sword). Go to classes in weapons training, and learn to fight using all sorts of weapons like bows, throwing knives, swords ANYTHING!

Choose wisely
Choose wisely

5. Stay Indoors!

Stay indoors until it settles down for about a week or until it settles down completely, only leave the house if you must. If you go outside when people are going crazy screaming "MY BABY IS GONE!!!!" you could get killed by a zombie or humans trying to stay alive. Oh, and lock the doors and windows.

4. Break Down the Staircase!

If you don't live in a house with a staircase, probably best to find one. Breaking down the staircase and replacing it with a rope can prevent zombies from climbing up as only humans can climb the rope.

3. Go to a Local Hardware Store

So going to a hardware store can be very fun, how you ask? Simple, you can create anything: planks with nails, it has supplies to renovate your house, the list goes on with what you can do. And for the more adventurous they have lawn mowers there to run over zombies ;).

2. Keep Your Magazines

I’ll admit I got this idea from the movie World War Z, wrap up your arms and body parts to avoid getting bitten. Wrap them around your arms and legs with something like duct tape. Doing this can allow you to get bitten and survive.

1. Fill your sinks

Before they shut the water off try fill all your sinks and bath tubs with water and cover them with something to stop things getting in it. Doing this ASAP can prevent water from being infected by zombies going in your water supply.

Thank you for reading and like always if you have any good ideas feel free to add them in the comments.


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