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Nowadays there are many 'Reality TV' shows. Since the market for 'Reality TV' has grown, TV producers have used this idea in every manner from Miami Ink featuring tattooists , The Hunt for Bigfoot , Gold Rush, Storage Wars and Storage Wars UK -they are everywhere, and cover almost every situation .

However, not all are being honest. Below is a short list of shows that are deceiving their viewers. For example in Storage Wars teams bid money on abandoned storage units hoping that they make a profit from the contents, however producers are putting good items into storage units to make them more entertaining. I have to admit I really enjoyed some of these shows and was disappointed to learn of their deceit. Hopefully, none of your favourites are on this list.

Pawn Stars

Rick,Chumlee, Corey and The Old Man
Rick,Chumlee, Corey and The Old Man

Pawn Stars is a show that takes place in a Las Vegas Pawn shop run by the Harrison family and Chumlee. They have a variety of items that come through the door and they appraise them and make an offer. However, more than once, the audience has been suspicious of the transactions. One episode in particular exposed the fabrication they were depicting. A 'customer' comes in with a Les Paul guitar and Rick Harrison gets in an 'expert' to help valuate it. However, a viewer did a bit of research and found out that the 'expert' and 'customer' worked together in a shop a few blocks from the store. Yet on screen, they acted like they didn't know each other - which was obviously deceptive of them. Shame on you, Pawn Stars!

Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish is a reality TV show about Amish youngsters going into the wider world and experiencing life and all it's wonders for the first time, before deciding whether to return to the Amish way of life or whether they will leave the community for the wider world. However, it came to light that many of the contestants had already left their communities before getting in touch with the production company. The audience were watching what they believed to be Amish youngsters experiencing the hectic world based in Manhattan for the first time but this was not the case. I say that is false advertising and the production company should have been honest.

Storage Wars

Daryl, Barry, Dave, Brandi, Jarrod
Daryl, Barry, Dave, Brandi, Jarrod

Storage Wars is a show that focuses on people buying unknown items in storage bins that have been abandoned. The mystery surrounding what was in the bins kept many viewers captivated. Sometimes there were great items and sometimes not, but that was intriguing to the audience and the main reason many people liked it. Th show made out that the contents of the storage units were unknown and random. However, one of the show's stars Dave Hester (the man wearing the black shirt above) claimed that the producers were putting good items into the bins to make the show more entertaining. He also claimed that producers were giving the teams money so that they could increase bidding and make the show more exciting. Instead of denying any of the accusations, the show chose to enact the first amendment and the case was settled out of court. Dave Hester then returned a few seasons later. I think this was both deceitful and unnecessary as the show was fine in the first few seasons before the producers interfered.

Ghost Adventures

Zak, Aaron and Nick.
Zak, Aaron and Nick.

Ghost Adventures is a show that tries to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits. They use specialized equipment and experiments to help document their evidence. Now in it's 11th season, it has done well to captivate a loyal fan base. Some of their evidence has even been broadcast on American News shows as their evidence was phenomenal and most experts (such as a physics expert and video technicians and so on) could not offer any explanation for their evidence.

However, in 2014 Aaron Goodwin (center above) was fired from the show and he made a startling revelation. He stated that if they had an 'uneventful' investigation, then producers would make them go back and reenact scenes of false evidence and the producers would then add sound effects to it. Aaron stated that the hosts, himself included, were basically being frauds. This happens to be one of my favourite TV shows and I am disappointed to learn of this, as I felt they were honest beforehand. It is a shame that. although they do such great work, however how can we tell what evidence has or hasn't been faked anymore?

Top Gear

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond
James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond

Top Gear is a British motor show in which the 3 presenters entertain us with all manner of things to do with motor vehicles. Anything from motorbikes and Bugatti Veyrons to mobility scooters - if it involved a motor, they included it. There has been many controversies involving Top Gear over the years, mostly to do with host Jeremy Clarkson, who was recently fired from the BBC show for punching a producer and has since moved to Amazon Prime with James May and Richard Hammond, because he punched a producer. There have even been accusations of racial hate - saying the 'n' word during shooting, although this has never aired, to racial slang such as a 'slant' on a bridge.

Then there was the infamous license plate scandal, where the license plates depicted a horrendous year for the country they were visiting and they were accused of doing this deliberately. They were in the Falklands and Jeremy Clarkson was driving a Porsche with the licence plate 'H982 FKL'. This was believed to reference the year 1982, which was during the Falklands Conflict. Many locals believed that this was a deliberate act by Top Gear and the Falklands demanded an apology from Britain for the alleged insult. The Daily Mail has also had confirmation that a caravan fire was indeed staged for the show, and that another episode involving a 'hovercraft', which soaked diners, was done with paid actors although this event was presented as them being unaware of the event. Hopefully, the Top Gear lot will fare better on Amazon Prime.

Can you think of any more deceitful depictions that are worth a mention? Did any of these surprise you? Let me know in the comments section! Until next time folks - Ciao!


Did any of these surprise you?

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