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Historically speaking someone always dies on a Suicide Squad missions. Heck the name of this villainous team is actually Task Force X but they where nicknamed the Suicide Squad because it was guaranteed that someone was not coming home from the mission. So, why would anyone go on one of these missions that may certainly end in death? Well the puppet master of the Squad is Amanda Waller and she has some interesting tactics.

Amanda don't play that

So, go on the mission or get your head blown off.....when do we save the world; right?! Although this form of motivation with micro bomb implants in the villains neck has not been confirmed for the movie it is very likely considering that writer and director of the Suicide Squad movie, David Ayer, has already confirmed that he was giving us a movie that was canon and Waller has always used the implants. With that said chances increase that one of the villains in this movie will not make it to the end credits. I have assembled a list starting with the less likely to die to the most likely to die.

11. Joker is less likely to die

Joker is definitely the less likely to die. The first and most obvious reason is Joker under no circumstances would be down to be on a team; he would rather go out with a bang.....literally. So, joker will not even be a part of the team and is likely only in the movie because of the Harley Quinn origin flash backs. Secondly based on some of the rumors that have circled around this incarnation of the Joker he will be a part of a hate circle in the first Batman solo project that will include the Redhood.

10. Rick Flag is less likely to die

Rick Flag is the appointed field leader of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. Some would think that because Rick has no special powers, enhanced skills or insanity issues to help him that he could find himself in a life threatening situation. But when you factor in a couple of facts then it's hard to imagine that he will kick the bucket in the movie. First fact is that it has been confirmed that the girl that talks to her sword, Katana, is his personal body guard. Yea, she is there for protection against the crazies on the Squad itself but every little bit of protection helps on these survival of the fittest type missions. Second fact is at one point Tom Hardy had agreed to play this role which makes it very unlikely that Flag will be killed because Hardy is such a big star. Speaking of big stars.

9. Deadshot is less likely to die

It's crazy to think that Deadshot is safe being that he is a character that has a death wish and truly does not care if he lives or dies but that is exactly what I am telling you and here's why. Love or hate him Will Smith is one of the most recognizable names on the planet. There is not one person in this film including the Ben Affleck/Batman cameo that has the star power of Will Smith. And because of that star power it is a pretty safe bet that Deadshot will not only make it to the end credits but also a future movie in the DC Extended Universe. And from a canon perspective; in the comics Deadshot is the longest tenured member of the Suicide Squad. So, there is precedence to keep him in the game for extra innings. Speaking of swinging for the fences.

8. Harley Quinn is less likely to die

Harley Quinn should be putting Evil to sleep with her Louisville Slugger Good Night stick for quite some time in the DC Extended Universe. Let's face it people Harley is only second to the Joker as far as anticipation in the Suicide Squad movie. Harley has one of the largest cult followings in the world of Cos Play and the introduction of her new look only increased her following this past Halloween. And also there has been an out cry from the female audience to have more female representation on the big screen in comic book movies. Harley being such a popular character with female and male fans also keeps her safe. Warner Bros/DC has a beast on their hands with Harley and they know it. There is NO way they would OK a script that has Harley dying. I would eat my dirty underwear after playing basketball if Harley dies. Speaking of eating unusual things.

7. Killer Croc is less likely to die

Killer Croc is a cannibal with rage issues. Which means he eats human beings and he is not necessarily happy about it. Knowing this about this villain is validated reason to cheer for him die and die quickly. But rumors suggest that Killer Croc will actually play the role as comedic relief in Suicide Squad. Which may actually make him seen as misunderstood and ultimately a fan favorite. I know it sounds twisted that the villain that eats people is a fan favorite but I really think that fans would enjoy the back and forward love hate relationship with the monster and muscle of the team. You might say it was a boomerang type relationship which is relationship that makes Killer Croc safe.

6. Captain Boomerang is more likely to die

Captain Boomerang has been around in the Suicide Squad comics almost as long as Deadshot. And Boomerang has been a thorn in the side of Justice League member Flash for years. With that said there is a real possibility that this Captain goes down with the ship. Let's face it Captain Boomerang is one of the lamest names in comic book history for a villain or a hero and no I'm not forgetting about Ant-Man. There is no doubt that David Ayer is going to make Boomerang a total bad ass in Suicide Squad but that is the exact reason I think he could possibly die. With such a lame name I believe Ayer could possibly build him up to a great villain in the movie to the point were we as the movie audience cheer for his antics. Only later for audience to be slightly disappointed by a epic death that the God of War Ares himself would be proud of!!! What??? Don't look at me like that Waller. It could happen.....

5. Amanda Waller is more likely to die

It's intimidating looks like the picture above that makes it very difficult to work for Amanda Waller. I always say people don't quit jobs they quit managers. In this case the manager, organizer, the woman that is calling the shots is The Wall. And although she typically gets the most out of the people that work for her most of her team don't really like her. Could be the explosives that she puts in their necks and threats to blow off their heads if they do what she tells them to....just a thought. But what ever the reason Amanda's employees would literally kill at a chance to get some pay back at her. You may say Amanda could simply blow their heads off if she was being threatened by any of them. Well in the animated cartoon Batman: Assault on Arkham, basically an animated Suicide Squad movie, the Squad with the help of The Riddler defuse the bombs in their necks. Even if this scenario happens in the movie Amanda would likely be talking trash till her last breath. That is just how the hot headed Waller is but she has never burned as hot as this guy.

4. El Diablo is more likely to die

If you haven't guessed by the Empire cover above El Diablo aka Chato Santano has the power of Pyrokinesis which is the ability for one to generate and control super heated plasma, fire and/or lightning. Based on what we know right now El Diablo is the second most powerful character in the movie (or the Tattooed Man). In the comics El Diablo misused his powers by burning down a building that had gang members in it that owed him money. Little did he know that the building also had innocent women and children in it that were killed in the fire he created. Finding this out prompted him to turn himself in because he felt guilty which landed him in Belle Reve prison and on death row. However, Amanda Waller had other ideas and made Diablo a Suicide Squad member and was able to get an micro bomb implant in El Diablo neck by filling his cell with gas, which we see in the Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer.

El Diablo released from his cell filed with gas
El Diablo released from his cell filed with gas

However, I don't think that it will be the bomb that takes El Diablo out. In the Suicide Squad comics El Diablo is very reluctant to use his powers because he doesn't want to kill as he still feels guilty for taking the lives of those innocent people. Often the other Squad members have to beg him to use his powers in order to save their lives which he has no problem doing. I think it could be one of these life saving situations where he may actually give his own life to save someone else's life during a mission which will bring him full circle with redemption as he saves lives. The probable Antagonist of Suicide Squad may be the one that gives El Diablo his redemption.

3. Enchantress is more likely to die

If El Diablo is arguably the second most powerful character in this movie then certainly June Moone aka Enchantress is the most powerful character in the movie. And any one that follows me knows that for quite sometime I have felt that the Enchantress will end up being the main Antagonist in the movie. Largely because there is precedence for her to become the target of the Suicide Squad in the comics. If she is indeed the main antagonist there are going to be a lot villains aiming to take out this evil witch. In the comics it was Deadshot that took her out; although he did not kill her. Of course these comic book movies never follow the comics to the letter; so, no one should be surprised if Enchantress gets the ax. Although, if Slipknot has anything to do with it I'm sure he would prefer to hang the witch.

2. Slipknot is more likely to die

Soooo Slipknot is a master in the use of ropes, including unbreakable ones, and a trained assassin. This is a character that I can almost guarantee will die in the movie. He is a character that never really showed a lot of common sense in the comics. At one point Amanda Waller was putting explosives on the Suicide Squad members arms and not in the back of their necks. Captain Boomerang not knowing if the bombs were real or not merely suggested to Slipknot that the explosives were not real. Slipknot buys what Boomerang is selling and tries to escape which ended with Slipknot's arm blowing off. Boomerang now having his answer that the bombs are real simply states "better him than me". If Slipknot is this dumb in the Suicide Squad movie no way he makes to the end credits.

1. Katana is more likely to die

And the character with the best chance to die in the Suicide Squad is Katana. As I stated earlier Katana talks to her sword but that is not why she dies. Obviously Katana is going to be a bad ass in this movie. She was hand picked to be Rick Flag's body guard against the villains of the Suicide Squad. Katana is actually not a villain and I think that plays against her making it out a live. I mean director David Ayer has called this a bad vs evil movie. I say the good guys are potential casualties of war in this one. Which means Katana dies for sure in this movie.

But those are my thoughts. I'm curious to know how you feel. Do you agree with my list? Who do you think is more likely to die in the Suicide Squad movie? Please share your thoughts below.

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Who do you think is more likely to die in the Suicide Squad movie?


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