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I LOVE Justice League Dark. Even more than the original Justice League, which is saying a lot. One of the reasons for that is John Constantine, and the others make this team unique among all the other superhero (or anti-hero ) teams.

So when a movie was announced, i was filled with excitement. The thought of seeing this bastards on the big screen made me happy. And i got happier, when Guillermo Del Toro was working on it, cause he's the perfect director for such a movie. But he left the project to work on Crimson Peak (which wasn't that good) and i was sad, who could fill Guillermo's shoes?

Here let's countdown the five directors, that could tackle Justice League Dark:

#5: George Miller

You may know this man from creating a little thing called [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445), arguably the best action movie ever made. He knows his shit when it comes to blood-pumping movies. Plus he's not directing Man of Steel 2 (There already is a Man Of Steel 2 called Batman vs Superman) So he's free to this.

#4: Paul Thomas Anderson

Yes, PTA has made some truly masterpieces, like There Will Be Blood, and others. The man is a world class director. He defends superhero movies, and this one is right up his alley with dark and comedic elements to it, he should be okay.

#3: Adam Wingard

Adam is slowly gaining a reputation for his low budget indie films (Which are great) like The Guest, he's directing the live action Death Note movies, and getting more popular, and this is perfect for him.

#2: Duncan Jones

This guy is directing the Warcraft movie, nuff said. Dark is as high fantasy as it gets so this guy will nail it.

#1: Edgar Wright.

Do I Really Need To Explain This, This Guy is awesome. All of his movies are fun and inventive, so Justice League Dark will have those elements, for sure.


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