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Andy Emini

When you put the world's mightiest heroes against the world's favorite anime characters, who would win? Superheroes like Superman have some awesome abilities and powers, and use them for justice, but are they really enough to defeat someone who can destroy the earth with a single blow (you guessed it, I'm talking aboutGoku from Dragonball Z)? Well, the only ones who can decide are the fans!

If these characters collide, would it be fair? Lets see what fans think...

Goku vs Dragon Ball Z is a parody, but it shows some truth within it that some anime characters are too powerful to be defeated. But this is only my opinion, and someone might think different

This has a lot of different characters and I believe it shows superheroes to be stronger this time!

This is the second part, showing new characters and better scene management- where some collisions are pretty good and it looks like they are happening for real!

Here's another one from Armageddon Ninja, making this a 'definitely want to see movie'... if they ever made this into a reality!

What do you think about these trailers and who do you prefer... superheroes or anime heroes? Comment below!


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